Discover the importance of chain alignment and tension to take care of your tires

A motorcycle transmission is like the conductor of an orchestra, leading the harmony between the engine and the wheels. However, when this subtle dance is interrupted, the tires, being the main dancers, suffer the consequences. A critical factor is poor wheel alignment, which triggers uneven tire wear and affects road safety.

It turns out that poor wheel alignment not only affects the stability of the motorcycle, but also manifests itself in handling problems. The handlebars may vibrate unusually, and the motorcycle may tend to drift in a straight line. When cornering, misalignment can create a feeling of instability, compromising the driver's ability to maneuver precisely.

Crucial Maintenance: Checking Chain Tension and Wheel Alignment

The key to avoiding these problems lies in careful maintenance. Checking chain tension regularly is essential. A loose chain causes jerks, but there is also the problem of rear wheel alignment. If it is not correct, the wheel will be deviated to one side or the other, causing uneven wear on the tires.

Keep chain tension within the manufacturer's recommended limits to ensure efficient transmission as well as correct alignment. To do this, there are marks on the swingarm, where the rear wheel axle is housed, which serve to check that it is properly aligned.

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When it's time to change your tires, take the opportunity for a complete inspection. Make sure the chain tension is at the correct point and check the rear wheel alignment. If you notice deviations, adjust the chain position as necessary.

This approach ensures that new tires wear evenly and extends the life of the entire drivetrain.

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