Do you know that you can get dizzy on a motorcycle? We tell you how to avoid it!

If you are prone to motion sickness, you know how unpleasant it feels. Your stomach feels strange, you start to have cold sweats and even nausea. It can happen to you on a roller coaster, in a car and, yes, also while taking a route on a motorcycle.

Of course, getting dizzy on a motorcycle is not so common and passengers tend to suffer more from it, although it also happens to some drivers. That is why it is important to know how to quickly identify the situation to avoid danger, but there are also some ways to avoid getting dizzy. We tell you how.

From the outset, we must know that dizziness is, as otorhinolaryngologist Marco Brusa commented to his colleagues at, a subjective and transitory disorder due to the intense and discordant information that reaches our brain from the inner ear and eyes. .

That is why it usually occurs on roads with tight, intense curves, with ups and downs… Too much information to manage and an unpleasant result such as making you dizzy. Furthermore, if you are riding a motorcycle it is dangerous and even more so if you are the one driving.

How to avoid getting dizzy on a motorcycle? What to do if you get dizzy?

The most effective remedy to try to recover from those first sensations that arise when you get dizzy is to look at the horizon, focus your gaze. Although, of course, if the road keeps winding it's not going to be easy, so the best thing you can do if it doesn't get resolved quickly is to stop.

From there, you should know that although one can get dizzy at any age, it is more common as the years go by. This is due to posture, and it is easier for it to happen on motorcycles that put a lot of strain on our necks, such as sports bikes. You should also avoid looking at the instrument panel beyond what is necessary. The more advanced the technology of our motorcycle is, the more time we spend looking at the screen and, likewise, that's where the problem comes from.

The moment you feel bad you should stop, otherwise you could end up having an accident.

But it's not only that. The sensations that the most modern motorcycles can transmit to you, especially the most sporty ones, can cause our body not to react in the expected way if we are not used to it. And not only that, you have to keep in mind that from a certain height, with the decrease in oxygen available in the air you can also have this sensation.

So the best thing you can do is stop, take a breath, recover and then continue. If it is due to the performance of the motorcycle, go more calmly and work on the physical aspect. But what you should not do under any circumstances if you are driving the motorcycle is take medications to avoid dizziness, because they have side effects that can be worse.

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