Do you need to take your pet? Well, the Pet Bag T525 is GIVI’s practical solution for your faithful companion.

GIVI has just unveiled its new Pet Bag T525, A semi-rigid Monokey suitcase that allows you to transport cats, dogs or other animals on a motorcycle or scooter. up to 5 kilos in weight. It ensures maximum possible protection thanks to, among other details, the internal strap to connect the animal’s harness or collar, as well as high levels of ventilation and comfort for them.

Today, almost 50% of European families enjoy the presence of a pet in their homes, who deserve to feel comfortable and safe in all types of situations. GIVI has created this approved, practical and totally safe solution so that these little passengers can travel on a motorcycle with their owners.

GIVI T525 Pet Bag in detail

The Italian firm, since its foundation 45 years ago, has focused its efforts on offering products that respond to the needs of its customers, always with high standards of safety and quality. The result of this constant innovation is a wide range of products to which is added the new Pet Bag T525a bag dedicated to the transportation of pets on two-wheeled vehicles, in accordance with current regulations.

In this way, GIVI becomes the first reference brand in the sector to make this type of accessory, which will allow our best friends to travel everywhere with us. The new Pet Bag T525 of GIVI is made up of a semi-rigid structure made of 900D polyester, with anti-ultraviolet treatment, thermoformed EVA and TPU inserts.

Pet Bag T525, the new semi-rigid suitcase from GIVI

It has a maximum load of 5 kilos, capacity for 33 liters and a weight of 2.6 kilos. Its interior is so spacious that it can carry up to two full-face helmets, logically in the event that the animal is not inside the bag. The two openings, one with a zipper and the other with a folding mesh top, allow our little traveler to get in and out without causing stress or fatigue.

The interior is particularly comfortable for these small passengers, thanks to the presence of a soft, washable cushion and also to the ventilation system. This consists of a roll-up top opening, which increases breathability, and four side air intakes. In addition, the new Pet Bag T525 It has two large external storage pockets and one internal document pocket.

Pet Bag T525, the new semi-rigid suitcase from GIVI

Also three ergonomic handles and a shoulder strap that allows you to carry the bag manually. Finally, the protection of the animal is completely assured, thanks to the interior strap, easily hookable to its collar or harness, allowing it to be completely secured.

Finally, the stability of the bag during driving is fully assured, because it is possible to fix the handles of the main compartment to the metal ring with a padlock, preventing the Pet Bag T525 of GIVI accidentally opens during the journey. The fixing kit and the grill are included, however, if the motorcycle already has a top case with a Monokey system, it will only have to be replaced with this Pet Bag when necessary.

Pet Bag T525, the new semi-rigid suitcase from GIVI

The new one Pet Bag T525 for pets from GIVI can be purchased only in black at a price of 259 euros. For more information about GIVI or its products, you can visit the brand’s official website or any of the authorized distributors with which the Italian firm collaborates in our country.

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