The Forged Indian Scout series arrives in Europe with Ronna Norén as the main character

A few weeks ago we told you how we could enjoy the new Forged Indian Scout series from the American brand, with three unique customizations over 6 episodes, and the new Indian Scout 2025 as the perfect canvas for each of the three projects that will be carried out. Now the brand announces that the third of these preparations will be in charge of Ronna Norén, of Unique Custom Cycles in Sweden.

Ola StenegardDirector of Industrial Design at Indian Motorcycle, comments on the project Forged Indian Scout: “This is the first time we’ve taken Forged outside of the US, so it’s a really big deal for us. We were looking for a really established builder, someone who could build any style of bike. In short, the Roland Sands of Europe. In my mind there was only one: Ronna and Unique Custom Cycles.”

Forged Indian Scout arrives in Europe

Stenegärd met Norén in 1987, when his builds began appearing on the covers of motorcycle magazines, changing the landscape forever. Seeing Norén and his club, Plebs Choppers, winning awards at all major exhibitions, Stenegärd joined Plebs Choppers in 1994 and witnessed the birth of Unique Custom Cycles in the clubhouse.

Like many renowned builders, Norén started building his first chopper when he was only 14 years old. More than 40 years later, he still loves what he does. Known as a true builder, Norén’s unique creations begin with an engine on the table around which the rest of the bike takes shape.

Ronna comments on the project Forged Indian Scout: “I think my style is nothing special, but it is clean. It is important that the construction is timeless and not a trend.” The inspiration for this model comes from Stan Dishonga custom builder from the 1950s who saw the chopper craze coming, and set up Stan’s Cycle to build parts and fuel the chopper scene.

He is also believed to have invented the first slick for dragster motorcycles, convincing a tire company to vulcanize a flat strip of rubber onto an old tire. Focusing on the Indian Scout drag 1937 Dishong, Norén has cut the Scout’s steel tube frame above the engine, fabricating new sections to stretch and raise the front end and bring the Dishong spirit to life, in a 1960s New York chopper style.

The Forged Indian Scout series arrives in Europe with Ronna Norén as the main character

With plans for longer forks, 21-inch front wheels and 18-inch rear wheels, Norén has remodeled the tank, cutting it into four pieces, moving the fuel pump and fabricating the tank around the modified frame and air filter. Presented by fellow builder Roland Sands, the series Forged Indian Scout highlights how customizers were always on the minds of Indian Motorcycle’s design and engineering teams when they developed the new Indian Scout.

With a new steel tube frame and easy-to-remove and replace metal bodywork, the Indian Scout is much easier to work on, making it a perfect canvas for personal expression. The final three episodes of the video series Forged Indian Scout will reveal the finished builds, each based on a historical figure, machine or era of inspiration taken from the Scout model’s 100-plus year history.

The serial Forged Indian Scout arrives in Europe with Ronna Norén as the protagonist

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