the figures of an engine that are scary to hear (video)

A two-stroke engine is much easier to manufacture and maintain than a four-stroke engine. But beyond the technical aspect, the fact that their power per litre can be overwhelming, or that they sound powerful (if that is possible), for many of us who are older, they are a link to our younger years.

And yes, if you are my age or older, you will have had experience with two-stroke bikes. But if you are a youngster, beyond the occasional moped, it is difficult for you to have enjoyed and suffered what a finely tuned two-stroke engine was capable of offering.

But there is no doubt that, whether you have been able to enjoy it or not, this engine that is the protagonist of the story will surely attract your attention for what it is and, especially, for its sound.

This two-stroke engine gives more power than a MotoGP engine, but we won’t see it on a motorcycle

In this case we are looking at a two-stroke engine. But the “big” thing comes now and it has a capacity of 3.6 liters, is a V8 and is capable of offering 300 HP, although on this occasion and with 91 octane gasoline it remains at a not inconsiderable 275 HP.

The curious thing is that it is not a motorcycle engine, but rather comes from an outboard motor for boats. To give you an idea, at sea he took the boat he was riding on to reach the chilling figure of 283 kilometers per hour. Imagine going through the sea at that speed.

It should also be noted that this engine was installed inside a car, a Volvo 122 Amazon, to which a special chassis was fitted. The negative part is that the last news we had about the project takes us back almost 8 years.

Since then there have been no updates to the channel or the project, but for posterity we have that melody that we cannot ignore.

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