Everything behind Mission Impossible and its stunt team

Without a doubt the saga of Mission Impossible It is one of the most exciting that action cinema has given in recent decades. In each and every one of the sequels that make it up, the skilled and determined protagonist, played by the well-known American actor Tom Cruise, keeps us in suspense throughout the entire duration of the film.

But for all this to happen, behind Cruise and the cast of stars that shape each and every one of the films that are part of the iconic saga, there is a complete team of specialists who are in charge of carrying out most of dangerous scenes that make up the bulk of the recording.

Some “very special” effects from Mission Impossible

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Ride Apart, we have learned about the publication shared by Elia Popov, special effects supervisor at Secret Nation. In it we can see how one of the action sequences of this sequel to Mission Impossiblein which the protagonist and the character played by Rebeca Ferguson, carry out a thrilling chase at the controls of two BMW S1000RRs.

The film, recorded in 2015, gives us a glimpse of the “tricks” used by the specialists to undertake the scene. As we can see, the motorcycle in front is hooked, by its front axle, to a mobile platform. However, Tom Cruise follows closely, in this case being the actor himself who superbly pilots the German superbike.

The point here was not to give the impression of standing on a platform, a system that is usually used in some recordings when there are chases or the protagonists are doing everything, at the controls of a car or a motorcycle, except what is really important, which is drive.

In this way, as we can see in the small footage published by Popov, the motorcycle is actually rolling on the asphalt and also taking curves naturally, with inclinations included. It is clear that for the viewer it is difficult to discover that the motorcycle is not circulating on its own, and that it has a little help to offer us the maximum spectacle.

Everything behind Mission Impossible and its stunt team

Things about cinema and what is behind the cameras, something that in a saga like that of Mission Impossible It is understandable, taking into account how they play it most of the time and the excellent work done by both the protagonists and the team of specialists in charge of filming these types of scenes.

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