BMW already has its clutchless transmission. It's called Automated Shift Assist (ASA) and it's coming soon to the GS

BMW Motorrad is committed to constant innovation and demonstrates it with technologies such as the new Automated Shift Assistant (ASA), essentially seeking to make driving easier and more comfortable. Thanks to the automation of the clutch and gear change, without sacrificing the dynamics of the change.

He Automated Shift Assistant It features an intelligent functional design in which two electromechanical actuators automate the clutch and gear shifting of the six-speed transmission, which is the main difference with a conventional shift assistant.

A manual lever is not necessary to operate the clutch manually. Starting, stopping and maneuvering are simplified with this system. In addition, it improves driving sensations thanks to fast shift sequences, adapted to the revolutions and load, and the resulting precise gear changes.

Main advantages of the Automated Shift Assistant (ASA)

  • Completely eliminates the need for the driver to operate the clutch.
  • Dynamic and comfortable gear changes for greater driving pleasure.
  • Choice of manual or automatic gear change.
  • Automatically adapts gear changes to the driver's dynamic preferences in automated D mode.
  • Eliminates the possibility of engine stalling due to unfavorable gear changes.

In “M” shift mode, gear changes can still be made with the pedal, allowing the driver to decide when to change gears. In shift mode “D”, the Automated Shift Assistant It really stands out.

The shift points are selected automatically by the engine control unit. In both “M” and “D” modes, the rider enjoys perfectly executed gear changes with a smooth interruption of traction.

Automated Shift Assist (ASA), the latest innovation from BMW Motorrad in its mounts

As a result we have efficient acceleration and greater driving stability. When upshifting, for example, the jerks typical of a standard manual transmission are largely eliminated.

Downshifts are also designed to be as smooth as possible, minimizing chassis disturbances. Specific characteristics of the automatic transmission function are assigned to the different driving modes to ensure performance in each situation.

He Automated Shift Assistantin combination with active cruise control or forward collision warning, improves the overall safety performance of any BMW motorcycle on which it is installed.

Automated Shift Assist (ASA), the latest innovation from BMW Motorrad in its mounts

The Automated Shift Assist (ASA) goes one step further in technological terms

The new Automated Shift Assistant It is the logical and technical evolution of BMW Motorrad Shift Assistant Pro. Two electronically controlled electromechanical actuators operate the clutch and gear shift, allowing for easy starting and automated gear changes.

The driver's shift request is transmitted to the control unit via a shift lever sensor, which is actuated by the conventional foot-operated shift lever. Additional sensors determine the revolutions of the transmission input shaft and the position of the clutch.

Automated Shift Assist (ASA), the latest innovation from BMW Motorrad in its mounts

These values ​​of Automated Shift Assistant They are transmitted to the TCU (Transmission Control Unit), closely linked to the engine control unit, to model and control the clutch, shift engagement and status.

The clutch is actuated by an electromechanical actuator combined with a hydraulic system connected directly between the clutch master and slave cylinder. For its part, the actuator regulates the required clutch slip, engages when changing gears and disengages it when stopping.

Automated Shift Assist (ASA), the latest innovation from BMW Motorrad in its mounts

In manual shift mode “M”, the driver can move the shift lever in the desired direction in the usual way. If the revolutions in the desired gear are within the maximum or minimum revolution range, the shift is carried out directly.

If the engine speed drops below a gear-dependent minimum speed, downshifts are also performed automatically in manual mode. This prevents the engine from stalling.

Automated Shift Assist (ASA), the latest innovation from BMW Motorrad in its mounts

However, in “D” shift mode, gears are changed automatically depending on the driving mode, engine revolutions, throttle position and lean angle parameters. Gears are changed depending on the driving situation and dynamic requirements.

The brand announces that it will soon be available in its new range of models, although it is very likely that it will end up debuting, as an option, in the BMW R 1300 GS. Subsequently, it will be offered within the list of options for an initial price around 1,000 eurosalthough this would still be confirmed by the German firm itself.

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