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If you like speed, you like karts. The feeling of going at ground level makes the perception of speed greater, and even if it's a rental and you're going 60 kilometers per hour, you're going to enjoy it. Then there are competition karts, which go one step further and become mechanically more complicated until they are beasts with which you need physical preparation, as well as a lot of money, to be able to really go fast. And then there are the preparations, like the one we see in this kart with a Ducati engine.

We move to the United States where the friends at CardsandCameras have created a kart with the engine of a Ducati 900, presumably a Monster, which is quite scary. It must be said that in order to create this machine, which if it comes from the Monster 900, offers about 73 HP and was capable of propelling the motorcycle to 190 km/h, they have had to work very hard.

Is it too much to mount a Ducati engine to a kart?

It is not, logically, an engine as wild as the kart to which they decided to put a powered Suzuki Hayabusa engine that gave 400 HP, but it must be recognized that it also has its merits. And it has its merits because it is much more artisanal, the engine is located on the side of the kart in the style that we are used to and, in addition, the engine of a Ducati Monster 900 is capable of twisting all the tubes with the torque they have.

Now, where can you try this device? Well, on an acceleration racing track and within an event, which you can enjoy in the video, where you see the most picturesque minibikes accelerating and with a power that is far from what you could expect from a small handmade “clunker.”

So when the time comes you can delight in the capacity of the kart, although it may disappoint you a little. And having all the weight in the back of the kart (including the driver), the grip of the tires on the track, the torque of a Ducati engine and the desire to launch as fast as possible, are a combination What it does is make the kart do a wheelie.

Yes, instead of shooting forward or spinning the rear wheels, this kart does wheelies. Of course, after the almost catastrophic start, it must be recognized that the invention works, it is fast and it even seems fun. Would you ride it?

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