Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

We traveled to the Sierra de la Estrella, a mountainous area located in the center of the neighboring country Portugal, to see first-hand the complete range that Bridgestone offers for the Adventure segment. The Battlax Adventure tire trilogy covers all possible uses of your trail bike: from traveling almost entirely on the road with some forays overland with the A41 (Adventure), to almost double on-off road use with the AT41 (Adventure). Trail) or the more country approach offered by the AX41 (Adventure Cross). With this complete range, Bridgestone manages to close the square of the circle.

The rise of the trail world in the last decade has doubled the sale of tires in this segment and, as it could not be otherwise, the interest of manufacturers has focused on the development of a complete range suitable for all types of vehicles and applications. In the case of Bridgestone, the Japanese manufacturer has been carrying out incessant and rigorous development work to fight for a category that, although it is not the one that produces the most tires, is the one that has grown the most.

Since in the year 2018 the A41 will be launched in MoroccoBridgestone has not stopped innovating in its Adventure range: in 2019 the AX41 arrived, at the other extreme of use of the tire for trail motorcycles with a taste for brown, and it would not be until 2022 when The AT41 arrivedto close a circle that, given what we were able to see in this presentation from Portugal, is more than complete.

And although this was not a presentation of a new range, since the three tires have been with us for a few seasons, it was necessary to test and compare the multiple uses they allow us. And for this, what better way to do it than to do it for three days, with nearly 1,000 km ahead, to travel the roads and mountain passes of Portugal looking for all types of asphalt and conditions. From highways and expressways, through roads and mountain passes with different conditions of use and grip: brand new asphalt, smooth wear, broken, bumpy, loose dirt… everything to put this range to the test. And, as if that were not enough, we also have rain and humidity, so we can check the full range of use in its entirety.

The starting point for this unique adventure was the Porto airport. The motorcycles were waiting for us in the parking lot, all of them equipped with the A41, the most on-road tire in the range. The first big question of the trip assails us: what motorcycle do I start with? Before us a collection of the most important trails on the market: the new BMW R1300GS, Honda Africa Twin, Ducati Multistrada V4, F900GS, MV Agusta Enduro Veloce…I made the decision quickly for the one that has generated the most expectation in recent months: the R1300GS.

At this point it is worth saying that today, saying that a motorcycle always runs well, is not something extraordinary. The abnormal thing is that a motorcycle does not work, with all the technology and what the world of two wheels has evolved in recent decades. It happens as much or more in the world of tires. A sector that is rarely given enough attention due to lack of knowledge or lack of interest, but that in the end embodies technological development and innovation and, more importantly, represents our contact with the ground, anchoring to the road, a essential element of active safety. The combination between motorcycle and tire is a necessary symbiosis. From this communion arises the magic of rolling with inclinations of up to 50 – 60 degrees without suffering a single scare.

A41 in action: Lisbon to Lapa dos Dinheiros

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

During this first stage, which included the distance between Lisbon and Lapa dos Dinheiros, the place where the wonderful hotel that served as base camp and operations for this motorcycle adventure was located, we had the opportunity to remember the good feelings that had already been transmitted to us. the A41 at its presentation in Morocco years ago. A route of just over two hours through mountain passes with different asphalts where we were able to see more than optimal grip in all types of conditions, traction, safety and confidence in a tire that does not falter under difficult grip conditions and with excellent handling. more than happy. The stability it shows both on the straight and in curves is outstanding, as is its progressiveness. If you ask, he gives it to you, and he does it without question and without compromising safety or confidence, the latter being a vital element to be able to ride at ease.

And to top off a perfect route, torrential rain fell on us, confirming what we had not yet had the chance to know about these tires: they behave really well in water. The angle and distribution of the grooves, both in the center and on the shoulders of the rubber, allow for greater water drainage.

The composition of these A41s, both in the front and rear axle, is 3LC multilayer with a high level of silica. The 3 refers to the number of layers it is made of, which are harder in the center in the search for greater stability in a straight line, while in the shoulders it is softer to ensure greater contact and grip with the ground. CAP & BASE technology allows you to have two rubber compounds in the same tire, one on the outside (CAPE) and another for the sidewalls (BASE). In addition to all this, the A41 has the MS-BELT mono-spiral belt technology that allows more rigidity and stability of the tire and a lower working temperature.

AT41: Adventure Trail

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

He was the last to arrive and therefore took everything good from the two range brothers. The philosophy of the AT41 is to be halfway between its peers, but with 70% of its purpose directed to asphalt and 30% to off-road. To understand its philosophy, you just have to look at its tread pattern, the lug is present in a tire that promised (and we have already confirmed) that its grip on damp or wet asphalt is even greater. On the second day's route, reaching the summit at dawn in the Torre da serra Da Estrela, at 2,000 meters of altitude and with an ascent with the road wet and cold, we are impressed by the ease of reaching temperature, its poise and good traction.

The behavior is outstanding from the first moment. In my case, I decide to go for a simple frame without technological accessories, to feel the direct feeling without filters. The Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid It is an easy and balanced motorcycle, which from the beginning gives us the confidence to ride without complications, allowing us to enjoy a road full of curves in which the AT41 gives us poise and good traction. When the day breaks and the sun warms the asphalt, the tires continue their good work, making us enjoy driving without having to worry about the type of asphalt or even the maximum inclination, since the feeling of control is absolute, even to the one we felt with the A41 on the previous day (the rear tire has the same casing).

For the road photo session we briefly tested the tire on various mounts: BMW F900GS, Honda Transalp 750 and MV Agusta Enduro Veloce and with both the medium and large trail bikes, the performance is always outstanding. Even due to the weight and heavy braking, there is no loss of firmness, surely thanks to the composition of the casing with the technology. HTSPC (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord) that applies five spiral steel filaments to the belt that provide stability, reducing heat generation.

In the off-road part, the AT41 lends itself a little more than its brother A41, although it is not its natural habitat either. They talk about 30% of it being destined for the countryside. This is something very subjective and difficult to measure, but the reality is that with these tires you can tackle almost any type of track, because the security they give you is enormous. It is true that the pressures we have are road pressures, something that makes sliding easier, but does not compromise safety. The management of the front axle, which is the most sensitive point in driving on land, is solved equally well, since the tire shows its nobility and absorbs all irregularities in the terrain without losing traction.

AX41: the campiest of the group

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

The lunch stop is used to change motorcycles and tires. The Bridgestone team gets to work changing the tires of all the motorcycles present. A feat to do it in just two hours of stopping in the middle of the countryside. Good for the work team! With the bikes ready, we set off on a small stretch of road before launching into off-road driving. This tire is for those who are looking for the performance of a motorcycle in the field, but who also have no problem traveling and taking advantage of all the potential that trail motorcycles can provide on the road.

Its clear off-road conception is immediately proven by taking a look at the design of the lugs, higher than in the AT model and with more distance between them. Its composition is harder and this allows for more firmness in its behavior on the ground, both with the motorcycle leaning, as well as accelerating and pressing when braking. Frankly surprised, especially when you get behind the wheel of maxi trail motorcycles, in my case the Suzuki V-Strom 1050 DEin which the weight and the inertia they cause require a set of suspensions and tires to match.

Going out on the open road, the surprise is greatest to see that its behavior, without being that of the AT41, is quite reliable. Both on inclinations and in its general poise, the tire behaves efficiently. And all this without having very noisy rolling, something that this type of high lug tires suffer from. Subjecting the tire to a curved road with constant support and braking, it is true that overheating produces faster degradation, although it does not compromise its effectiveness in any way.

Adventure Experience Conclusion

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

In this complete Adventure range, the Japanese manufacturer has made every effort to create a scale of three models of radial tires with a very wide range of use to offer the best option to all types of trail motorcycle users. And this despite the fact that things get complicated when you want there to be a balance of use between two terrains as different as the road and the countryside.

This exercise has been achieved to a greater or lesser extent depending on the type of tire. The A41 is aimed at users who drive on a daily basis and are looking for a tire with which they can go out on the weekend for a ride and even plan one or two trips a year. In the case of the AT41, maintaining identical qualities on the road, it offers that plus to combine the road with the slopes, without compromising in any case comfort, confidence and safety. With the AX41 you reach the other extreme of use: eminently country driving, which does not prevent you from traveling and taking road trips with guarantees.

Our verdict: the AT41

Try Bridgestone Battlax Trail Adventure Range

They say that the middle point is found in virtue. And it is precisely in the AT41 where I have proven to be most comfortable, due to its wide range of use. And not only because of the fantastic duality of use it offers between on and off road, because that gives you infinite possibilities for riding but also for searching for those tracks that take you to the top of the peak. If, in addition to that, we take into account that it works flawlessly with wet asphalt and even with water, it makes it ideal for my needs.

On the road the sensations are incredible. It allows you to lie down where you thought there were limits, and it also does so by offering tremendous security. It heats up quickly, its degradation is slow and progressive, and it is also stylish thanks to its low heel design. As if that were not enough, it is available to mount on front wheels from 19″ to 21″ and 17-18″ on the front, which allows you to reach the widest range of motorcycles on the market, from small trail bikes to the largest. routes.

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