If you have an iPhone and you use it on your motorcycle, this may interest you

One of those details that we overlook in our daily lives, because we have normalized them, are the vibrations that our motorcycle produces. No matter how minimal they may be, no matter how imperceptible they may seem to us, they are always by our side.

For us, unless they are very extreme, they only affect our comfort, but they do affect the devices we carry with us. And in recent years smartphones are one of them. Aware of this situation, Apple subjects its iPhones to curious tests.

We don't know how the rest of the brands will work, but we can see a little of Apple's testing department thanks to Youtuber Marques Brownlee, who has visited the testing laboratory where the iPhone and other devices of the brand based in Palo Alto are tested. They are subjected to different types of dog training.

The iPhone tested in different “torture racks”, including the one that simulates vibrations

Furthermore, taking into account that nowadays we also use our cell phone on the motorcycle, fixed to a support as a navigator, the vibrations that will reach it are much more direct than those it could have if we carry it in our pocket or in a backpack. .

And iPhones, like all devices, can be affected by this type of vibrations that in the long run can compromise their correct functioning. What's more, in the past there were many models that suffered from it. Hence, these tests are important before going into production, especially if the brand wants to avoid problems arising in the future.

Another thing is what would happen if we arrive with a phone that doesn't work well and discover that it was due to vibrations. But that question does not concern us, we are only enjoying a curious video from a specific brand that, yes, manufactures the iPhone, the most popular smartphone.

If you watch the entire video you will see not only the vibration tests, which are supposed to replicate patterns they have obtained from different motorcycles, but also from cars, trains and all the places they usually are. Also the way in which they face water, the way in which the impacts against different elements have repercussions… Come on, a full-fledged test before being dismantled and analyzed.

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