Ferrari doesn’t want its hybrids and electrics to lose value

The first electric Ferrari will be unveiled in late 2025 and production will begin in 2026, Ferrari chief executive Benedetto Vigna said at the inauguration of the new electric building in Maranello. Vigna did not confirm its price, which Reuters reported would be around 500,000 euros.

Any Ferrari is not only a machine for enjoyment, but also an investment. It is true that they require maintenance that is not exactly cheap, but in the case of plug-in hybrids (such as the SF90 Stradale) or that electric future, doubts arise with the battery. Hence, the brand announced a service of extended warranty of 7,500 euros for the next generation of hybrid and electric cars. That annual fee would cover the Battery replacement in eight and 16 years and seeks to ensure that these exclusive cars do not depreciate so quickly.

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna denied that the new production would focus exclusively on electric vehicles. It is currently in the testing phase, with units of the Purosangue SUV and the SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid, which are Ferrari’s “most complex models,” according to Vigna. These tests, which will continue until the end of this year, are intended to refine the machinery of the new line and the production process of the fifth platform, which will be added to the four currently produced on the existing assembly line in Maranello.

The production capacity of the new plant, which required an investment of 200 million euros, has not been disclosed. It will assemble electric vehicles and strategic electric components that will help differentiate Ferrari’s technology and performance, such as high-voltage batteries, electric motors and axles. Ferrari said it will decide for each model whether it will manufacture the component itself or buy it.

For the brand, a Ferrari is like a luxury watch, and we like to say that owners don’t really own them, but simply take care of them for the next generation. So, just as the owner of a classic Ferrari can recover its original functionality, the Italian manufacturer is looking to replicate that with electric vehicles.

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