For some, it is never enough. This H2R is not only peated but now even has nitrous

Little can be added at this point about what a Kawasaki H2R is capable of offering. We are talking about a mount capable of exceeding 400 km/h, as witnessed by Kenan Sofuoglu in 2016. Subsequently, we have seen it facing off with a Ferrari SF90, in a race where the two most successful drivers in the history of Turkey (Kenan Sofuoglu and Toprak Razgatlioglu), put their machines to the test.

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However, this Kawa owned by TikTok user 666botjapan goes one step further than anything we had seen until today related to the Japanese beast. Not only because they haven't thought of anything better than installing an NOS system that increases the power of this beast exponentially.

A high-flying Kawasaki H2R

It has also incorporated a series of elements that, in addition to helping to transmit all the power to the ground, make this H2R A truly spectacular preparation. Especially the two tanks that emerge from below the tail and that at first glance might seem like two escape routes, but nothing could be further from the truth.

On the other hand, it has mounted an extended swingarm, in the purest style of competition dragsters, but it has also chosen for this to be a single-sided type, revealing an impressive rear rim with an immense anodized throat. This is shod with a huge tire-shaped balloon with a measurement probably close to 300 mm.

It also has pneumatic suspension and special efforts have been made in this section in the front area. Now the H2R It is equipped with a set of semi-handlebars that make it even more sporty, but above all they offer us a much more radical view. Endless details complete this atomic customization carried out on this H2R that at times seems like it is going to fly away, literally.

For some, it is never enough.  This H2R is not only peated but now even has nitrous

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