from abandonment to doing superenduro

How many motorcycles can go from being abandoned in a barn for years to, after a slight tune-up, going off to do enduro? Well, the Honda Trail 90 has been able to, and in a surprising way, proving that it was a great motorcycle and, fifty years later, it still is.

Thanks to Matt Spears, an enduro rider who we have seen on other occasions playing in the mountains with a preparation of a Suzuki Hayabusa, we can be surprised by the ease with which the abandoned motorcycle becomes functional after more than ten years of total abandonment.

The Spears brothers, because the person who appears next to them is their partner in misdeeds and brother, begin to review the Honda Trail 90 in a parking lot. In true American rural style they get to work. With a few small adjustments that basically consist of adding gasoline, checking the air filter (which does not exist) and cleaning the carburetor, they have everything the bike needed to go to the mountains.

Doing enduro with a Honda Trail 90

Luckily for the Honda Trail 90 it ended up in the hands of the duo and unfortunately for her too. And after the setup and fighting slightly with the gearbox, it was time to test it. They were not satisfied with taking a walk in the countryside. They decided to climb the mountain and try to climb even over stones almost two meters high. Something that, logically, they do not achieve despite showing good manners.

Obviously, not all motorcycles that have been in a barn for so long, not even the unbreakable Honda Trail 90, are going to start on the first try. The state of conservation of this unit, despite everything, was not very bad.

Time has been kind to the bike, at least until Matt started to “abuse” it, but there is no doubt that it is still incredible what a little work has done to it.

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