Harley-Davidson confirms the arrival of the Livewire Mulholland

Not too long ago we told you the plans of Harley-Davidson to add its third electric motorcycle to the exclusive catalog of LiveWirethe S2 Mulholland. Now, a few months later, the release date is already confirmed.

Yes, the Mulholland. In a matter of days we will have the pleasure of meeting the new and third member of the family, along with the LiveWire One and the LiveWire S2 Del Mar. And although the sales of LiveWire They have not met the expectations that the factory expected in the United States, as we can see, the brand continues to move forward very firmly in its voltaic purposes.

We already knew that Harley-Davidson registered the name Mulholland. In fact, last year LiveWire He finally patented that name in «Yankeeland«. Now we know that next March 21 is the date indicated by the brand for its official launch.

The denomination Mulholland It evokes a lot of history, a lot. Both for the film that bears his name and for the famous American highway designed by the engineer William Mulholland. Therefore, it does not surprise us that the new electric Harley-Davidson bear the name of S2 Mulholland.

Considering that the From sea It has a more dirt track oriented style and its name comes from the Del Mar Arena highway. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that the Mulholland has a much more traveler character, due to the characteristics of the road from which it borrows its name.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Mulholland

What is the Harley-Davidson LiveWire Mulholland like?

The images published by Harley-Davidson show that the main architecture of the S2 Arrow is preserved in this new model, although its general aesthetic is closer to the S2 Del Mar. However, the fins are machined slightly differently, including what appears to be a branding patch. LiveWire sewn into a more robust seat than the one used in the From sea. As it could not be otherwise, this new LiveWire It will have its own essence and will generate a distinctive spirit within the range.

In the images you can see a new console with a different shape than the one of the S2 Del Marsuggesting more changes to the bodywork compared to the second LiveWire. At the front we find a higher handlebar and mirrors suspended at the ends of it. The headlights and front indicators appear similar to those used in the LiveWire Onewhich suggests to us that the Harley-Davidson LiveWire Mulholland It is, stylistically speaking, halfway between the two models.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Mulholland

The last LiveWire presented had the marker embedded in the upper part of the handlebar. But, this element is not visible in the images of the Mulholland, which suggests to us that it was either moved down, or its design was modified. The wheels appear to be the same as the ones on the From seaalthough we don’t have a clear enough view to confirm the tire sizes.

However, according to information from the United States, we know that the Mulholland will have a slightly longer wheelbase than the others LiveWire and it will be a little lighter than the S2 Del Mar. We are eagerly awaiting the release of this model, if we find out anything else before its launch, we will tell you about it.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Mulholland

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