A leak reveals the surprising models that Voge is preparing. Beware of what is coming

From China, where Loncin and Voge’s headquarters are located, we receive a leak that reveals the ambitious plans that the manufacturer has for the coming years. A few weeks ago the local press announced the celebration of the event, but it is now that the interesting part comes because part of the plans that Voge has for 2024, 2025 and 2026 have been leaked.

Since its arrival in the Spanish market, Voge has been improving with each new model, and today it has a range that ranges from electric models to adventure models such as the DSX in its different displacements, passing, logically, through scooters such as the SR4 Max. T that we recently tested. But what has been leaked after its congress is enough to put its European competitors on guard.

Voge’s plans go further and they are already preparing new trails, sports and a super tourist

The group to which Voge belongs, Loncin, is a close collaborator of BMW. In fact, it already manufactures motorcycles for the German firm and that is why, although it is shocking news, it is not surprising that Voge is preparing a traveling motorcycle with a 1,600-centimetre six-cylinder engine, of which further details are unknown. It would enter the market in tough competition with the BMW K 1600 GT and would go on sale in 2026, although it seems only for its local market.

But there is more and the launch of the Voge DS 750 R has also been announced, an access adventure motorcycle that is largely reminiscent of the Honda Transalp. In the same way and also referring to a Honda model, in this case the CB650R, a retro-style naked has been seen in the leaked photos.

But there is an icing on the cake: sports motorcycles. In the images we can see the so-called RR1000 and the silhouette of a high-level sports car that inevitably reminds us of the BMW S1000RR.

The quality of the photo, as in the rest of the models, is not enough to reveal all the details, but it is an interesting wake-up call. However, as with the rest of the motorcycles presented, we do not know the technical details, so leaving aside the sporty silhouette, we do not know whether or not it will be a powerful and light super sports car or not.

Also sporty and there are better images of this, is the Voge RR 666 S that will arrive this year with a four-cylinder engine with 100 HP.

The RR660 will arrive on the Chinese market this year

Finally, as it could not be otherwise, they have presented new scooters that, while waiting to see the commercial plan for Europe, we do not know if they will end up reaching our market.

This is applicable to any of the motorcycles that have been presented, but what these leaks show is that Voge is working to achieve high-level models.

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