How come they gave a driver's license to an autonomous car?

take off the driving license It is a process that all drivers have to go through. Traditionally one of the main objectives when reaching the age of majority, it represents a challenge for young and not so young. However, we are in a changing world and with technology that is advancing at a high rate. That has led to they have given a self-driving car the driving license as if it were a human. It is a campaign that a renowned brand has carried out to give visibility to its technology.

For a long time, Hyundai has the Ioniq 5 Robotaxi, an autonomous vehicle that acts as a taxi in some places in the United States where it is legal for driverless cars to circulate. The fact is that, to test its reliability, they confronted this modelto the same tests to which a person would undergo when obtaining a driving license. Taking into account that he can pass the theoretical exams without any problem, since he has all the traffic regulations registered in his system, he had to take the practical exam.

A professional examiner with 25 years of experience came on board and they carried out a open traffic tour from Las Vegas, one of the cities where the circulation of autonomous cars is legal. Apparently, she was quite surprised by the Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robotaxi's control of speed and also its lane changing skills and the maneuvers. He excelled in accuracy at stop signs and his reaction time to potential dangers.

The truth is that giving a driver's license to an autonomous car is a mere marketing action, since it is clear that if he were not capable of driving, he would not be doing so. However, the action wanted to emphasize the importance of these vehicles for some public. The example was given of users with visual disabilities and reduced mobility, because with these Ioniq 5 they can achieve very high levels of independence and freedom. What remains to be seen is whether it will be possible to see them in other places and in Europe.

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