How do dust and haze affect the air filters and engine of your motorcycle?

For some time now, it has been common to hear about the arrival of haze to the Iberian Peninsula. In the Canary Islands, given its proximity to the Sahara desert, it is much more common. But the presence of small particles of dust, ash or sand is also beginning to be a constant in more areas of the country.

So going from something anecdotal to something common, we must try to protect our motorcycle and, especially, our engine from the haze. In the end, although it may sound a bit exaggerated, any dust in suspension can seriously affect our motorcycle, because we are talking about a kind of almost invisible sandpaper that affects us.

But, as we said, the most important thing we have to protect from haze on our motorcycle is our engine. Because we will have solved the rest of the parts with a good wash. But as for the engine and always talking about motorcycles with a combustion engine, the dust will be sucked during the intake.

Fortunately for our motorcycle and our economy, we have insurance: air filters. Thanks to these relatively simple systems we prevent the smallest particles from entering the engine.

Although there are motorcycles that have washable foam filters, those for motocross and enduro, precisely to extend their life (because otherwise you would have to change the filter almost every day), on street motorcycles the filters are usually disposable.

If you have driven in periods of haze, you should consider changing the filter, especially if it is close to the end of its useful life.

Well, in case we find ourselves in a situation in which the haze has been persistent and we have had to circulate during those moments, the ideal is to change the filter earlier, especially if we are at the end of its useful life. .

It doesn't mean you have to change it directly if you just put it on. But because these particles remain inside the filter and, therefore, it will be of no use to try to clean it with a compressor (for example), they could saturate the filter sooner.

Depending on the motorcycle, the filters are different.

If the filter does not allow air to circulate as it should, our engine will not work correctly, and even if it continues to protect its interior, performance and consumption could be affected.

And this, now that drier times are coming, applies to if you use your motorcycle on roads. In the end it is a small investment that, if you have a little hands, you can carry out yourself and you will ensure that everything is in order.

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