the hybrid that can do everything

Although we have hybrid models on the market such as the Kawasaki Z 7 and Ninja 7, these have nothing to do with the concept that the Arsenale Plan B puts on the table. While the Japanese models are a commitment to mobility with an impact reduced environmental impact, the Arsenale Plan B is an adventure motorcycle that seeks the greatest possible effectiveness regardless of the conditions.

Aesthetics take a backseat to functionality. So much so that the motorcycle does not have any aesthetic details beyond the use of paint as a differentiating element, because what it seeks is to be practical where the roads do not reach.

And the motorcycle, which was previously known as 2X2 Ultrabike and which did not obtain the necessary financing to move forward, has several details that make it a model capable of anything.

In addition to the fact that it is a hybrid motorcycle with a gasoline engine and an electric engine with their corresponding batteries, it has two-wheel drive, which is an advantage when moving around certain places.

The Arsenale Plan B is a work motorcycle

As for the engines, the electric one works at low speed while when it starts to go faster it is the gasoline one that is responsible for supplying the power. But there is more and that is that both the gas tank and the battery have a double life. In the case of the gasoline tank, it can be removed to use it for other purposes. Meanwhile, the battery has a plug that allows you to connect tools.

And, as we said, the Arsenale Plan B seeks efficiency in every sense, trying to make it a motorcycle with which you can work in the middle of nowhere. Furthermore, thanks to its combined system, the promise of having a range of hundreds of miles (the motorcycle is American) is a reality. As if this were not enough, the Arsenale Plan B has a generator that allows the battery itself to be recharged.

We have no doubt that the Plan B is an excellent work motorcycle for places that are difficult to access, because it also has load capacity and wide tires that will allow you to move forward in the most difficult moments.

It is also lightweight and its design is prepared to withstand all types of torture. Of course, it is not a cheap motorcycle, since the price is 15,000 dollars, 14,076 euros at the current exchange rate.

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