How is the hydrogen Toyota Hilux project going? Its viable?

He hydrogen has always been on the agenda of most car manufacturers as a future solution. However, it seems that time passes and that this technology continues to be postponed without there being examples in the real world. Currently, there are barely a couple of production cars that run on fuel cells and there is no infrastructure development in almost any country. That is why it is interesting to know how the project of the Hydrogen Toyota Hilux and its viability in the medium and long term.

Toyota has always been one of those that has opted the most for hydrogen, just look at its Mirai, which has two generations behind it. Now they are also working outside the fuel cell, with hydrogen combustion engines that could be applied to competition. They even propose it as fuel ideal for heavy vehicles and road transport, hence they decided to innovate with a fleet of Hilux, demonstrating that pick-ups can also be clean.

There are ten units manufactured by Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK since September 2023 and the last few months they have been testing this project. To the best-known pick-up of all they added a fuel cell derived from that of the Mirai, with three tanks to add a capacity of up to 7.8 kg of hydrogen that are mounted on a supporting frame chassis. The fuel cell powers a rear electric motor 182 HP and 300 Nm of torquewhile there is talk of a range of up to 600 kilometers.

The fact is that five of the prototypes have been carrying out all kinds of tests on different terrains in order to collect data and find out their viability. The other five have been used for demonstrations to clients and the press, as well as an image for the Olympic Games. In any case, the project has entered a new phase and Toyota is convinced of the commercialization of this technology by 2027. It is still doubtful whether it will be in the Hilux or the Corolla Cross H2, but they boast high energy density and a planned 20% greater autonomy.

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