How to fill out a friendly accident report correctly

You have had an accident with another person. Should you complain about personal injuries? No? Goodness! The cars will be fixed now. And once the shock is over, what do I do? It is best to fill out a European Accident Reportcommonly called friendly part (which is a Spanish invention that celebrated a quarter of a century last year). It is approved so that it can be used outside of Spain.

It is essential for the parties involved to resolve their interests in the shortest period of time possible. That is why it is very important always carry in the car one of these specimens. If you have run out, ask your insurance company for more (many already do this year after year when renewing the policy). Likewise, staying calm is the cornerstone in the event of a minor accident or collision; Since it has occurred, it is best to resolve it in the most friendly and effective way possible. Otherwise, it is best that the Police be present.

part-friendlyAnother very important thing is Fill out the friendly accident report correctly and calmly, since once the report is signed, you cannot add anything. You have to specify as much as possible; the causes and circumstances of the accident, as well as the information of the opponent, all in capital letters.

The part has two sheets (the second is a carbon copy of the first and is the one you have to deliver to the opposing party, and you keep the original). The more information the report contains, the less problems you will have with the insurance company when making a claim.

What to fill out in the friendly accident report and how to do it:

  • Datetime and place of the accident.
  • Victimsif there are any, even mild.
  • Material damage in vehicles other than those involved directly in the accident or from objects other than the vehicle.
  • Write down telephone numbers and addresses of possible witnesses of the accident, in case it is necessary to have their testimony to clarify guilt.
  • So much for him vehicle A (you) and for vehicle B (the other): specify the name, surname and address of the insured and the driver; the make, model and license plate of the car; the name of the insurer, as well as the policy number. Make sure that you have not both filled in the same letter. In the event that there is a third vehicle involved, its details will be detailed on the front of the friendly report.
  • Within the circumstances of the accident, you must mark the box that most corresponds with the events that occurred. These can be: I was parked/stopped, I was leaving a parking lot/opening a door, I was going to park, I was leaving a parking lot, a private place or a dirt road, I was entering a rotating plaza, I was driving through a rotating plaza, collided from behind with another vehicle in the same direction and lane, changed lanes, overtook, turned right or left, reversed, invaded the part reserved for reverse traffic, came from an intersection to the right and did not respect a traffic light. It is important indicate at the end the total number of checked boxes. If none of the circumstances fit what happened, leave the space blank and explain the facts in the “observations” section.
  • In the part model there is vehicle figures so that we can indicate on them the damaged parts of our car, and the opposite. In addition, a space is left to detail the damages suffered and additional observations.
  • If you can do it safely, do photos.
  • Finally, the most important thing: both drivers have to sign. At that moment it is best to check the information and signature of the opposing party with their ID, insurance receipt and car documentation. If you do not agree, do not sign the report, since once you do so it means that you accept the facts. If this happens or the opponent gives you some trouble, it is best to To call the police.
  • Make a good sketch of the accident at the bottom of the writing is of vital importance to clarify the facts. You must draw how the two vehicles were traveling and how they collided, in the most detailed and practical way possible. Use arrows to simplify the information.
  • And send the report to your company within seven days of the accident!

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(NOTE: Article originally published on 05/23/2014, corrected and expanded)

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