Torrot sets its sights on the European market

Torrot, the revolutionary Spanish company of next-generation electrical products, has just announced its intention to expand its commercial horizons towards the European market. Of course, they are looking for new distribution partners.

Factory Torrot combines advanced technology with a rich business history dating back to 1948. John DixonCEO of Torrotrecently stated: «Although Torrot is not a well-known name outside of Spain in the field of two wheels, our history begins in the 1940s. Like many brands, Torrot has gone through different owners and faced difficulties in the 1990s, but re-emerged in 2011 with the purpose of offering electric motorcycles for children that are innovative, fun and affordable”.

He Mr. Dixonkeep going: “With a range of electrical products for children, youth and urban adults, we are focused on expanding to other markets. Although our local market is well served, we are seeking to establish agreements with established distributors in major European markets, including the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Scandinavia.

Torrot motorcycle models

The main line of electric models for children from Torrot includes Motocross models MX1, MX2 and MX3designed for ages 3 to 14, all with a parent app that allows you to customize driving modes.

Torrot electric motorcycles

The models SM1 and SM2 They represent an excellent introduction to the exciting world of Supermoto. For those who prefer a more technical and slow start on two wheels, the Trial models TR1 and TR2 They offer a great opportunity to develop essential motorcycling skills.

All models of Torrot They are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including removable batteries and powerful motors that can be adjusted according to the pilot's ability. In particular, the model MX3with its 8,000 W engine, offers power comparable to a 65 cc gasoline motorcycle.

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