In 2026 there will be a new World Superbike category: What can we expect?

The emergence of SuperSport300 and lightweight sports in WSBK represented an important change in the championship. A new access category was opened for riders and teams with motorcycles that, without a doubt, were much cheaper than the Moto3, and also continuing with the philosophy of motorcycles derived from series.

But the current market is very different from what it was at that time, especially due to anti-pollution regulations. And, also, because the brands have introduced into the market and are introducing intermediate sports shoes, which are located in performance below what would be the SuperSport that we have always known and the SuperSport300.

Yamaha has its R7, Aprilia the RS660, Kawasaki the ZX-4RR, Suzuki the GSX-8R and removing the Aprilia, which stands out in power compared to its rivals, the truth is that the rest of the options are quite well balanced.

That is why, just reading between the lines and highlighting this change in the market, it is precisely this type of motorcycle that we hope to see in the new WSBK category in 2026. In fact, they talk about more powerful engines and more agile motorcycles, premises that They precisely meet all the motorcycles we have talked about previously.

The new category will be taking shape in the coming months

Furthermore, when it comes to the economic part, and although the base motorcycle is somewhat more expensive than the current SuperSport300, the concept remains basically the same: that of a relatively economical motorcycle that does not require a great preparation to be competitive on the track.

In the coming months the regulations will be outlined and then we will see, on the one hand, the permitted motorcycles or their characteristics and, also, the way to compensate for performance so that there is greater equality in terms of performance.

The current market is different and the intermediate sports bike is gaining weight

There is no doubt that intermediate displacement sports shoes are a great option today to be able to enjoy on the street. Also on the track at an amateur level or in promotional cups like those already underway, and they are also a good school for the drivers of the future.

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