MITT 808 Big Foot test

Try MITT 808 Big Foot: Californian rock and roll with punch from China

One of my favorite musical genres throughout my youth was always the Stoner Rock. A sound that originated in the mid-90s in the Californian deserts, combining elements of Doom Metal and Psychedelic Rock. Characterized by typically mid-tempo songs, heavily distorted guitars and bass, melodic vocals and “retro” production. Some of the most representative bands of the genre are Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Sleep or my dears Monster Magnet.

Shortly after I got into the genre, new bands were catching my attention and some of them couldn’t be further from California or more in tune with the genre. It was the case of the surprising Boris in Japanthe purists Natas in Argentina or the melodic ones Truckfighters from Sweden. And the world is global and what we like moves and adapts, uniting followers from all over, origins and cultures.

In the same way, it could be said that custom motorcycles had their origin in the United States, after the Second World War and were largely popularized by brands such as harley davidson either Indian. The expansion of custom culture during the following decades reached the entire world and has been faithfully implemented by motorcycle brands from all over practically forever, in such a way that there is surely not a single motorcycle brand that does not make some custom model.

Today is Marivent Jets through its MITT brand who brings us this MITT 808 Big Foot manufactured by Hanyang in China. A motorcycle with a recognizable and very successful classic aesthetic, for a very specific audience that is looking not only for a motorcycle, but also for a lifestyle.

MITT 808 Big Foot test: Hanyang and its history with custom

The manufacturer Hanyang It evolved from a company created in 1890 in Wuhan for the manufacture of weapons. As time went by, this conglomerate incorporated manufacturing areas for different heavy industries, from locomotives to military vehicles, until In 1991 it started manufacturing motorcycles.

In 2018 the brand undergoes a restructuring completely thanks to a new board of directors that is largely made up of custom lovers, including the current president and numerous main shareholders. For this from that moment and in a dedicated way Hanyang focuses on the manufacture of high-displacement custom motorcycles exclusively, launching its first models in 2019.

Hanyang currently has two factories and produces custom models of between 300 and 900 cc with a total of 200,000 units per yearwhich represents a very modest volume for the usual figures in China, but which is comparable (to put ourselves in perspective) with the number of motorcycles sold in Spain in a year.

For all this, it seems that MITT has chosen the Chinese manufacturers of its custom models with intention and good judgment. for the European market. We will see if they are able to offer a good product for custom lovers in Spain and I can tell you that everything indicates yes.

MITT 808 Big Foot test: Features and equipment MITT 808 Big Foot

The MITT 808 Big Foot It is a model of conservative aesthetics, very recognizable and traditional. It has a certain air bobber and presents a descending line from front to back thanks to its 19 inch front wheel and 17 inch rear which also has an impressive 240 tire section that generates an immediate visual impact.

The exhausts are long and low in an overlapping design and are finished in black, as well as the engine, chassis, wheels and practically all the decorative elements of the motorcycle, including handlebars, tank and fork that also have black bellows and bar covers to maintain that dark aesthetic.

The instrumentation is minimalist, with a round digital display Well integrated that has a couple of touch buttons to reset the trips and change the time. It is simple, without fanfare and is easy to read and interpret. He main headlight is round LED type as well as the rest of the lights, which gives it a modern look without losing the classic shape of a motorcycle of this style.

He Engine is a 799 cc V-Twin with liquid cooling which delivers a maximum power of 56 HP at 7,000 rpm and stands out for offering maximum torque 67 Nm at just 5,500 rpm, which is very fun to speed up and listen to. The transmission is by belt, which facilitates maintenance and provides smooth running. Furthermore, it is limitable for the A2 card.

He seat is 720 mm from the ground, which facilitates access for pilots of all sizes and also reduces the effort to move their 243 kg dry. He 13 liter tank It presides over the driving position with straight sides, but without marked edges. The stopper is classic, it is keyed and separates from the mouthpiece and it is one of the few things that are chrome-plated in this black beast.

The suspensions are composed of a conventional fork thick with a lot of presence and a double rear shock absorber which of course features black springs. These shock absorbers are also adjustable in preload. The braking assembly is single disc both front and rear and has a system of ABS.

The unit I was able to test came with a small passenger seat on top of the minimalist fender that surrounds the enormous rear tire, but as standard the bike comes with a practical storage compartment in the form of a grill in the same place, which gives it a much rougher aesthetic. Something worth mentioning is that most third-party accessories for the world of custom will also work for this MITT 808 Big Foot, since it is quite standard in terms of measurements and shapes.

MITT 808 Big Foot Test: Sensations on the Move

The first thing that catches your attention about this MITT 808 Big Foot It is undoubtedly its aesthetic based on black, roughness and a classic, recognizable and very iconic silhouette. It is a motorcycle that evokes some models from the Milwaukee house and that is something that is difficult to ignore.

Whether this is with the intention of copying or rather with the intention of paying homage to those who came before, I will leave it to the reader to decide this time. In any case, the resemblance to the now discontinued Sportster is more than reasonable.

He visual impact that the motorcycle produces is genuine and the first review, to the touch, is not disappointing. The quality of plastics, grips, pins, paints and components is different from what we find in other brands, but not bad. In particular, I think that the exhaust satinthe rear of the motorcycle, which excites with that gigantic tire and the paint on the tank, all points that immediately attract the eye.

The seat is wide and soft, with synthetic leather that, without seeing how it ages, initially looks quite good. The handlebars and controls are where we expect them on a motorcycle of this style, except perhaps for the footrests, which I think in the case of this bike would be much better in advanced format.

Taller riders, as is my case at 186 cm tall, will undoubtedly look shrunken and long-legged on this MITT 808 Big Foot, thus breaking all the aesthetic impact that the bike offers. Instead people who do not exceed 175 cm in heightwill offer a more proportional image.

When the engine is running we receive another surprise and that is that the engine-exhaust assembly offers a hoarse, aggressive and noisy sound, which will undoubtedly make heads turn upon our arrival in terraces and roadside bars. We will have to be careful when entering and starting, since maneuvering the motorcycle when stopped is perhaps one of its weak points due to its high weight and small turning radius.

As we begin the ride we find that the motorcycle is not designed for comfort, but to exploit aesthetics, sound and the custom experience. While driving, the engine offers torque from very low and the accelerator delivers power to the rear axle with smoothness, thanks to the belt transmission. This makes it pleasant to take advantage of each stroke of gas to let yourself be enveloped by that round sound and enjoy the wind on your face while we let ourselves go as if on a swing.

Try Mitt 808 Big Foot

He gearbox-engine assembly works very well, and it is rather soft. To mention something, comment that the accelerator has some play at the beginning of the journey that can be uncomfortable. But given the general character of the bike, it is not something that takes away too much precision. The engine does not have a good time above 7,000 rpm, which is when it vibrates the most until the exhaust sound loses its poise.

But once again, the character of the bike and the fact that the maximum torque is found at 5,500 revolutions, will mean that we change gears soon when climbing and that we stay naturally. between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm, that’s where you enjoy it.

The bike pushes well and it’s fun. The weight moves easily and the tread is very stable, partly due to the width of the rear tire that joins the 1,510 mm wheelbase. But also for this reason, it is a little lazy when changing direction and we have to relax the ride in tight curves or in sections of short linked curves.

We soon realize that driving this MITT 808 Big Foot has to be more contemplative than anything else, if we do not want to have a problem with the inertia generated by its high weight.

The chassis is rigid to be able to support the weight of a motorcycle that is also quite long and the suspensions are tough, although the rear shock absorbers can be adjusted according to individual taste. The result is that in general, it is a motorcycle poised and with good tread at the cost of losing a little comfort while driving and a certain dryness is noticeable when going over potholes or irregularities. The braking is somewhat tight, like on so many other custom bikes. So there we have one more reason to take things calmly.

In general it is a bike that tends to want to go straight, due to that large rear tire. But it also has the weight quite low, so it seems like we are on a train. The sensation is of great poise, a lot of torque, a nice sound and rigid suspensions to support the entire weight of the motorcycle and the rider. The dynamic behavior expected from a motorcycle of this style, without too many surprises.

I think it is a cool motorcycle, which dynamically has the limitations of its construction, but which meets what is asked of this type of motorcycle. Has good pairis stable on road and presents a nice sound. What it has to do, which is molar, it does well because It’s pretty cool and will attract attention of all those who know how to appreciate it.

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