Zeway, the electric rental network with interchangeable batteries, arrives in Spain

Just a few weeks ago we told you how Zeway, the French company that offers rental services for electric motorcycles with interchangeable batteries at exchange stations, was about to begin its activity in our country. Now, after a 3-year career in French cities such as Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris, it opens its first headquarters in Madrid.

Amaury KorniloffPresident of Zewayafter entering the inauguration event in Madrid on a motorcycle, commented: “Madrid is a beautiful city to live in, probably one of the best in the world. The Zeway experience is the only thing that was missing in the city. You will discover another Madrid through this mode of mobility.”

Zeway at the service of urban mobility

Zeway’s service stands out because the charging of its electric motorcycles is done by changing batteries at an exchange station. The used battery is inserted into a slot, and within a few seconds it delivers a brand new battery for immediate use.

The entire process from parking the motorcycle to starting it again lasts 50 seconds.. This concept is called “swap” and has been developed by the R&D team of the French firm, thinking about the sustainable travel needs of cities. An ecological and efficient solution, since it also eliminates the limitations of normal charging of electric vehicles.

Zeway inaugurates its first headquarters in Madrid

During the company’s presentation event at its Madrid facilities in the Madrid neighborhood of Arganzuela, Cristina García de LagoDevelopment Director highlighted that “76% of people want to switch to electric vehicles, but they face several problems: infrastructure problems, vehicle supply, and a tendency for young people to increasingly want to own fewer things.”

And continues: “In this way, light mobility in cities is complicated by the lack of alternatives, and Zeway has arrived in Madrid precisely to accelerate this energy transition. It does not do so as a sale of a product, but as a solution, a monthly subscription with access to a personal, non-shared electric motorcycle and unlimited battery recharges.”

Zeway inaugurates its first headquarters in Madrid

This new concept also overcomes the accessibility limitations of electric motorcycles and scooters. “sharing”since the rental of the service is monthly and private, so peak hours are avoided when there is normally a high influx of people in the city and there may be problems with the availability of these vehicles.

In addition, Zeway offers us significant advantages such as the possibility of ensuring optimal long-term maintenance, which is perfect for all users who want to enjoy their electric motorcycle for their personal leisure.

Zeway inaugurates its first headquarters in Madrid

Representatives of AEDIVE (Business Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility), the Madrid City Council, and the EMTwith whom Zeway has recently signed an agreement for the implementation of battery exchange stations in different car parks in the capital.

Maria Romera, Director of Regulation and Public Affairs of AEDIVE, commented: “By 2050 we have to achieve a 90% reduction in emissions, and to achieve this the mobility sector has a leading role. Electric mobility is not only sustainable mobility, but also energy efficiency. In this panorama, all modes and new modes of business and mobility are welcome.”

Zeway inaugurates its first headquarters in Madrid

Zeway has already installed 13 interchange stations in Madrid and plans to install 20 more throughout the city, by the end of the summer, and expand this number to 35 before the end of the year. These stations are located at points of interest such as markets, parking lots, service stations and other places.

More information and details about the rental plans offered by the brand on its official website.

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