Looking for a motorcycle for someone big without it being trail

Pepe writes to us because he is looking to change his motorcycle. He has more than enough experience because he obtained his A license in 1995, so almost 30 years on two wheels guarantee him. Right now he has a KYMCO Superdink 350 that he uses for everything and is thinking about changing motorcycles, also to use it in all types of circumstances. But just as friends have written to us on other occasions who needed a small motorcycle, the opposite is true for Pepe.

He is 1.92 and weighs 115 kg, so we are talking about a person of considerable size and, logically, there are motorcycles that are going to be too small for him. He would like a neo-retro motorcycle and has set his sights on the Kawasaki Z900RS, but he especially seeks to avoid trail motorcycles although sport tourism ones attract his attention.

Exactly that point, separating a sport tourism from an asphalt trail is one of the most complicated that we can find. And there are brands that call them sport tourism, others adventure, even asphalt trail. What is certain is that these types of motorcycles are, as a general rule, the tallest and largest there are usually.

Without being a trail bike, what do you have to look at to know if a motorcycle is big?

But returning to the direct question of the Z900RS and taking into account that the writer stayed just above 1.65, the Kawasaki is a relatively large motorcycle. Its seat is 835 millimeters from the ground, which is exactly the same distance as the firm’s Sport Tourer, the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX, and only five millimeters less than the largest motorcycle they have in the catalog, which would be the Versys. 1000.

With this information, which is only one of the many that will later influence how you sit on a motorcycle, what we mean is that in terms of general size it is in the lines that you could find on a trail motorcycle. Obviously, then you have to pay attention to the placement of the footpegs, the tank, the placement of the handlebars and how all that suits you.

The wingspan of the Z900RS is considerable

What you have to be clear about is that when a person is big and even if the motorcycle works well for him functionally, it may not look aesthetically as he would like. But for that the best way to know is to contact your nearest dealer and try to arrange a test if they have the demo model. If they don’t have it, you can always get an idea by going to the exhibition hall, although logically it won’t be the same.

In any case, as the data reveals and although the length is less than that of a trail motorcycle, the Z900RS is a large motorcycle that could fit Pepe and any large person.

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