KYMCO will build its RevoNEX and SuperNEX electric vehicles on Harley-Davidson's Arrow platform

Almost six years ago, at EICMA 2018, KYMCO unveiled its concept to the world for the first time. SuperNEXand a year later do the same with the naked version RevoNEX. In both cases we are talking about an electric mount where the Taiwanese firm intended to include some cutting-edge technological advances such as a simulated shifting system.

In 2022 KYMCO returned to the project with two new concepts developed on the initial SuperNEX and RevoNEX, but this time after having signed a commercial agreement with LiveWire. The latter would make up a range of models on the well-known Arrow platform with variants S2, S3 and S4.

Now, after confirming that KYMCO will be in charge of manufacturing the LiveWire S3it seems that the idea that the Asian brand ends up using the well-known Yankee platform in its models is also taking shape. SuperNEX and RevoNEX. A theory that gains strength after knowing the latest images of the patent registration that KYMCO has presented.

KYMCO SuperNEX and RevoNEX with LiveWire touch

The always well-informed Ben Purvis of Cycle World is the one who has put us on the track of the changes that would affect the future SuperNEX and RevoNEX. The images from the patent registry show us the silhouette of the RevoNEX, assembled on the chassis and drivetrain that uses LiveWire.

The new RevoNEX and SuperNEX will be built on LiveWire's Arrow platform

Specifically, we are talking about the LiveWire S2 and in the new design of the RevoNEX we also find some changes that simplify the design of some of its elements, such as the cover that covers the charging socket. What is not clear is the level of the Arrow platform that the KYMCO frames would use.

If the S3 variant is positioned as the American brand's entry-level model, the images suggest that the SuperNEX and RevoNEX could be mounted on the S2 version, with greater performance and range of autonomy. We also do not know if KYMCO will finally use its simulated manual gearbox, intended for its new electric models.

The new RevoNEX and SuperNEX will be built on LiveWire's Arrow platform

This would have both a clutch lever and a conventional gear lever, the same as what we can find on a standard motorcycle. The complexity of the matter is given by the operation itself, responsible for emulating the transition that is made every time we engage a gear in any conventional system of relationships.

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