Lewis Hamilton is such a fan of motorcycles that he even produces documentaries. This one about Mary McGee is the cane

Mary McGee She is an undisputed pioneer of our beloved world. In fact, she was the first woman to compete on motorcycles in the U.S. Her bravery and accomplishments paved the way for more women to venture into a sport that has traditionally been dominated by men. Without a doubt, this woman is an example of improvement and perseverance.

To pay tribute to the significant contribution of Mary McGee to the world of motorcycle racing, Rachel Greenwald produced this documentary titled «Motorcycle Mary«. Furthermore, this work marks the debut of Haley Watson as director.

Lewis Hamilton proves to be a motorcycle fan with this Mary McGee production

This production is also executive produced by 2-time Oscar winner Ben Proudfoot and the 7-time Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, which guarantees that this short film deserves to be seen. By the way, ESPN Films acquired this 22-minute documentary.

Marsha Cookevice president and executive producer of ESPN Films, has stated «Mary McGee's story is not only a testament to her incredible skills and perseverance, but also an inspiration to all who dare to break barriers. Motorcycle Mary captures her indomitable spirit and the pioneering legacy she leaves in the world of motorsports, and we look forward to bringing it to ESPN audiences soon.«.

Mary McGee-Motorcycle Mary

The film highlights the most important moments in the life and sports career of Mary McGee, who was born in Alaska shortly before World War II. Her passion for racing began with automobiles, where she outperformed many of her male competitors.

When switching to motorcycles, McGee She became the first woman in the US to compete in this field, facing tough competition and the gender prejudices of the time.

Mary McGee-Motorcycle Mary

Despite these challenges, McGee He managed to become the first person to complete the Baja 500 alone on a motorcycle. His career spanned three decades, during which he dominated various disciplines both on and off the track.

The documentary premiered last Friday, June 7, with additional screenings scheduled for the 13th and 15th in the US. We hope that in a short period of time we will be able to enjoy this short film in our country. We sincerely believe that it is worth it.

Mary McGee-Motorcycle Mary

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