Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed ​​Concept: a prototype that will produce 250 units

Manufacturers, especially the more luxurious ones, love to make special editions or unique copies (the so-called one-off). They are highly profitable and allow them to unleash their creativity while enhancing their brand image. That is why we see from time to time some as striking as the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed ​​Concept. It is a speedster prototype, a two-seater convertible, designed without a roof, which will go into production as the first model of the ultra-limited Mythos series.

Its intention is none other than to remember the language of racing car design most legendary. In fact, it will be present at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix seeking to dazzle future buyers who will be able to opt for it when a small series comes out next year that will be limited to only 250 units. Until then, we have to settle for seeing a prototype that is very close to production and is loaded with striking details.

One of the most striking points is that It has a Halo like the one on the single-seaters of Formula 1 instead of the traditional A-pillars. It is the result of that conception as a speedster and serves to reinforce its safety. It also helps optimize its aerodynamics, along with the helmets included with the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed ​​Concept, which have a striking shape. In this way, users do not have to roof, no windshield, no windows and they are totally related to the outside environment.

The design is clearly inspired by the most radical supercar the brand has made in recent years: the Mercedes-AMG One. It can be seen in many of its visible carbon fiber parts distributed across a body in which the long hood and the low front with a pronounced “shark nose” stand out. There are also air intakes to improve performance and small deflectors. The tires go with some aerodynamic hubcaps to optimize air flow and additives can also be seen at the rear.

Refering to decor, you can perceive how the Mercedes-AMG PureSpeed ​​Concept is inspired by competition models. The paint varies from Le Mans red to graphite gray, with black details. That combination is reminiscent of the victorious Mercedes in the 1924 Targa Florio, which is 100 years old. To date, the German vehicles had worn white paint, but they received red for that event so that the local fans would not make it more difficult for them.

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