Mercedes G 580 EQ: the details of the G-Class in an electric key

A decade ago it was unthinkable that we would see a classic off-roader like the Mercedes G-Classin electric format. However, times are changing and electrification is penetrating all existing automotive segments. After the star's brand had been warning it for a while, they have finally revealed one of their most peculiar launches in recent times. Is called Mercedes G 580 EQ and it is the variant with the ZERO label of the legendary model that has been on the market since 1979.

It aims to be faithful to its philosophy, with off-road capabilities available to few, but with a new all-electric propulsion system unprecedented in the brand. It is made up four individual engines, located on the wheels to achieve total traction. They are perfectly integrated into the ladder chassis to maintain its rigidity, in addition to being able to control independently the level of torque delivered to each wheel, something that will be of great advantage in off-road driving.

This Mercedes G 580 EQ boasts a power of 587 HP and 1,164 Nm of torque, since each electric motor has 108 kW. This allows it to have very decent performance, since it accelerates 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and its maximum speed is limited to 180 km/h. Although more important is that it maintains the differential locks, in virtual format of course, due to its ability to variably distribute the engine torque between the different wheels. In fact, there are several specific functions in this electric G-Class that we do not see in the rest:

  • Low Range: a type of specific reducer for the most difficult terrain that activates a reduction ratio (2:1) and increases engine torque.
  • G-Turn: ability to make 360º turns practically in place off the asphalt, turning the wheels on the right and left sides in opposite directions.
  • G-Steering: serves to reduce the turning radius in off-road driving to assist the driver by turning the inside rear wheel when cornering below 25 km/h.
  • G-Roar: has nothing to do with the capabilities of the vehicle, it simply simulates a V8 engine sound and has other melodies available while stopped or running.

In addition to these features, the electric G-Class has some features that will make it move well off the asphalt. Boast of a 850mm wading capacity, in addition to driving on side slopes of up to 35º. As for the off-road angles, it has 32º entry, a ventral angle of 20.3º and an exit angle of 30.7º. Additionally, you receive protections on the bottom to protect the electric motors and also the battery, about which we also have quite a few things to say.

We are talking about a lithium-ion battery at the level of the Mercedes G 580 EQ, as it has a capacity of 116 kWh thanks to twelve cell modules. Allows you to approve a electric autonomy of up to 473 kilometers, although it could vary depending on the market and specifications. In any case, it accepts alternating current loads of up to 11 kW and there are also direct current loads. fast charging at a maximum of 200 kWso it could go from 10 to 80% capacity in 32 minutes.

Energy recovery can be adjusted in up to five levels and also features several driving modes. The user can choose between Comfort, Sport and Individual when on the road; while outside of it the Trail and Rock appear along with the aforementioned functions. All this with digital instrumentation adjusted for off-road driving or together with specific navigation for the qualities of the electric vehicle.

The Mercedes G 580 EQ stands out in design from the rest of the range thanks to some specific details. The highlights are the slightly raised bonnet and the “air curtains” in the rear wheel arches to benefit its aerodynamics. It also boasts 20-inch wheels typical of the version or a space in the tailgate for charging cables and small objects, instead of the typical spare wheel. Inside there are not many changes and it maintains all the technology and level of quality typical of the G-Class.

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