“Motero, the tire first”, Afane's campaign to raise awareness among users

With the arrival of the hot months, the desire to enjoy motorcycles increases. Through the campaign “Biker, tire first”, Afane tries to raise awareness among the biker population in a key aspect to avoid incidents, and under this motto it intensifies awareness messages for drivers of two-wheeled vehicles.

This weekend, in addition, the Spanish MotoGP Grand Prix is ​​held in Jerez, an important event for lovers of two wheels. The Tire Manufacturers Group reminds once again the importance of keeping motorcycle tires in good condition, since our safety depends on it.

“Biker, tire first”, a campaign for safety

As the general director of Afane recalls, José Luis Rodríguez, referring to the campaign “Biker, tire first”: “Failure to check and replace worn or damaged tires endangers not only the driver, but also the rest of the people traveling on the road.”

Concludes on this matter: “We should not let our lives depend on haste or laziness, and we have to go to a specialized workshop to carry out the necessary checks.”

In addition, Afane emphasizes the campaign “Biker, tire first”, in the importance of inspecting the damage that any impact on the road could have caused, maintaining correct pressure, to reduce the risk of losing control, and protecting the tires from premature wear and irreversible damage to the internal construction.

We must bear in mind that the tire may suffer damage that is visible from the outside and that indicates a possible deterioration of its composition, affecting safety, such as: casing breakage or localized damage such as cuts in its structure or cracks in the rubber.

"Biker, tire first"Afane's campaign to raise awareness among users

Rodríguez argues about the campaign “Biker, tire first”, that: “Motorcyclists should check tire pressure at least once a month, and when cold, since the result would not be correct if done when hot. And they should always be checked before a trip.”

Concludes: “In addition, prioritizing the quality of the tires when making the purchase is another of the essential points to travel with maximum safety and peace of mind,” highlighted the general director of the Group.”

"Biker, tire first"Afane's campaign to raise awareness among users

The effects of heat and pressure, 2 key factors

Temperature variations are a factor that clearly affects the condition of the tires, and another of the main reasons why checking the pressure is essential.

Driving with a lower pressure will cause resistance to movement to increase, consume more fuel and reduce the useful life of the tires. A pressure higher than recommended will cause the rubber to become more rigid and not absorb the imperfections of the road, generating discomfort and risk when driving.

"Biker, tire first"Afane's campaign to raise awareness among users

Another key factor to guarantee the safety of the vehicle is to control the wear and tear they suffer over time of use. If the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, there will be a significant loss of grip in wet road conditions.

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