The medium displacement bobber with a 240 mm tire that will not leave you indifferent

The Chinese manufacturer Regnancy has just presented in society the Regnancy RX7a 650 cc bobber clearly inspired by the Triumph Bonneville Bobber. In fact, even the Union Jack flag on the depot is “similar«. Of course, it arrives at its local market equipped with a smaller engine than the one on the triumph, and an extra wide 240mm rear tire.

Well yes, as we are telling you, a brand new bobber comes to us from the country of spring rolls. And as you can see in the photos, the Regnancy RX7 It is clearly inspired by the retro style of the Triumph Bonneville Bobberwith its floating single-seater seat, the design of the tank and fenders, the exhaust system and the classic round instrumentation.

And continuing faithfully to imitate the nonconformist spirit of Triumphas we already told you at the beginning, where not even the Union Jack is missing from the tank, even if it is waving at the wrong angle.

By the way, it is no secret that the Zero LH 450 and the Cyclone RA 600, also Chinese, are equally daring in their blatant Triumph imitation. Model, this last one, which we told you about very recently.

Regnancy RX7

This is the Regnancy RX7

The Regnancy RX7 It has a rear that is noticeably wider than the Triumph Bonneville Bobber. In fact, its swingarm is considerably wider to accommodate the 240 mm tire on its cast aluminum rim, exceeding by at least 90 mm the 150 mm of the rear wheel of the Triumph.

Besides, Regnancy offers, in comparison, a slightly more muscular front than that of the Triumphequipping the RX7 with an inverted fork and double disc brakes with radial calipers, while the Triumph uses a telescopic fork and semi-floating calipers. This difference is not only aesthetic, but should give the driver much more than a simple visual impression, it supposedly gains in effectiveness.

Regnancy RX7

However, when it comes to the engine, the Regnancy RX7 It falls a little behind compared to the Hinckley bike. An inline twin, supposedly from CFMoto and possibly related to the twin cylinder Kawasaki of the 650 series, hangs from the steel frame.

This propellant delivers 70 HP and 62 Nm in the RX7, figures that pale before the 78 HP and 112 Nm of the 1,200 cc twin-cylinder mechanical heart of the Triumph. Besides, the RX7 must move with an empty weight of 230 kiloswhile the Triumph It barely weighs 15 kilos more, despite having almost double the displacement.

Regnancy RX7

The Regnancy RX7with its extra wide rear tire, is priced at approximately 42,800 yuan in China 5,600 euros. However, it is not expected that the RX7 arrive in Europe. In fact, Chinese manufacturers generally design such radical concepts solely for the local domestic market.

Finally, in addition to the 650 cc model, we have also been aware of the existence of a lower sister with only 300 cc and a similar style.

Regnancy RX7

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