Fantic already sells electric enduro motorcycles. They have a Lizcat heart, good performance but not such a good price

This is not the first time we have seen conversions from gasoline motorcycles to electric motorcycles. And it is not the first time that these conversions come to us with the signature of Lizcat. But it is the first time that we find them for an enduro motorcycle, with what that entails. This time it was the Fantic XEF's turn.

In fact, this preparation that leads the Fantic XEF to be an electric motorcycle is born from the direct collaboration of Lizcat herself with Fantic Netherlands. That is to say, we are dealing with a creation for commercial purposes with the support of the brand itself, and not with an individual project to electrify a motorcycle.

But there is more and that is that although we have already seen this Swiss company change combustion engines for electric ones, until now we had seen the Swiss do it on dirt bikes, so it was not necessary to take into account the entire lighting system or It was not necessary to approve it either.

The electrified Fantic XEF has two different engines

Although the Fantic XEF have 125, 250 and 450 versions, all of them four-stroke, the electric versions, which have been called Fantic performance for the electric version.

The first of the two electric versions of the Fantic XEF would be the XE1 4.0, with a 4 kW battery the motor is capable of offering 40 HP and 720 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, in the XE1 5.0 the power rises to a beastly 52 HP and 820 Nm, in addition to the 5 kW battery, the autonomy is expected to be greater.

The motorcycle was displayed at the Fantic Netherlands stand

Of course, the prices of these models that have resulted from the collaboration of Fantic Netherlands and Lizcat are not cheap. The XE1 4.0 stands at 16,998 euros while the XE1 5.0 rises to 18,998 euros.

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