Now motorcycles are quieter, that's why Souo Motorcycles patents a system to make them sound like they should again

The recently created Chinese brand Souo Motorcycles, owned by the GWM business group, continues with the development of the second model equipped with its unusual 8-cylinder engine. After the official presentation of the new S2000, a high-flying touring model in GL and ST versionsthe Asian firm has just registered new patents that would be related to this next variant in the form of a mega cruiser.

In fact, the first time we heard about the mount being prepared by Souo Motorcycles, equipped with an 8-cylinder boxer engine, it was precisely in a high-flying cruiser format. Subsequently, the grand touring model joined the project, which has finally been officially presented in the first instance.

Souo Motorcycles mega cruiser: Small details make a difference

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Cycle World, we have been aware of the registration of new patents by Souo and what their purpose would be. Although we already have enough data to give us an idea of ​​what to expect, this new information confirms the dedication and care on the part of the brand in trying to launch a very complete motorcycle on the market, both aesthetically and technically.

And why do we say this? Basically, because this new Souo Motorcycles patent would be related to a cylinder disconnection system. The idea is to not only look like a mega cruiser, but also sound like one. Although the 8-cylinder engine would remain unchanged with respect to the touring variant, in this case the deactivation of the cylinders would make it sound hoarser and more forceful.

Souo Motorcycles' new mega cruiser not only has to look like it, it also has to sound like it

The patent itself explains that: “It is often necessary to use one propulsion system in different models. For example, on a cruise ship it is necessary to install an engine with eight horizontally opposed cylinders. However, the idle exhaust sound of this multi-cylinder engine is soft and low, which cannot meet the requirements of cruising. “The demand for customized sound waves narrows the application models and usage scenarios of multi-cylinder engines.”

In Christian: The softness and low sound that a grand touring must show is not the same as the striking style, in all aspects, of a mega cruiser. To do this, two of the eight cylinders will be deactivated when the engine is idling, as long as established temperature and exhaust emissions conditions are met. This will highlight the character of the new Souo mount, in addition to helping to reduce fuel consumption.

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