Do you want a Smart with 400 HP? Put a Hayabusa engine in it!

Imagine that you are a car manufacturer, that you have an idea that could be brilliant and you create a small, agile car with reduced consumption for the city. Imagine that you name it Smart, precisely because it seems like a smart move and the marketing issue and so on. And now imagine that someone takes that Smart and puts a 400 HP engine in it so that it becomes a machine from hell.

Well, actually you don't need to imagine this last part because the Smart with a modified Suzuki Hayabusa engine and that offers those 400 HP, is as easy to see as pressing play on the video that is in this same article.

Thanks to YouTube we can learn about all types of preparations and their yields, and in the case of this Smart armed to the teeth it is the same. In fact, it has been thanks to the American platform that in recent times we have seen quite a few preparations in which Suzuki Hayabusa engines are the protagonists.

Why are Hayabusa engines so popular? Well, because they have a very good base on which to work to increase their power based on modifications, putting a turbo and they also put up with more nonsense, like even putting nitrous oxide in it.

The Smart's chassis had to be modified to withstand so much power

But in the case of this Smart the preparation has had to go further. In fact, this is the second preparation they have done. The first, which “only” offered 300 HP, found deficiencies that have been resolved in the current one.

That is why the chassis has been modified, since the one that comes standard with the Smart, for some reason, did not hold up well enough to five times its power and torque worthy of a tractor (wink-wink). That's why you will see the bars that come out of the back and that forced them to do without the rear bumper. Furthermore, if you look closely you will see that it even has a parachute system prepared, like the one used in acceleration races.

And this beast has a weight-power ratio that most sports cars on the market would like. Of course, to drive it you must dare with everything and, in addition, have a good budget on tires, because it gives the sensation that it makes them disappear as if it were a magic trick.

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