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Jesús, Miguel, Juan and José, those chosen as reader-testers for the Bridgestone-Soymotero Bridgestone Battlax S22 Challenge, have given their verdict. After the first sensations, it was time for them to give us their final conclusions. They are the judges who will say whether the Japanese manufacturer's S22 passes with flying colors, so let's see what each of them told us.

Miquel Navarro (KTM Superduke 1290R)

For the last ten years I have relied on equivalent tires from a rival brand to the Bridgestone ones we are now analyzing, first on my MT07 and then on the SPD1290 I currently have. I suppose that due to my “calm” driving (if you can go calm on an SPD), they met my expectations and since I had not had any falls I was not even considering changing tire manufacturers.

My traveling companions always told me wonders about the Bridgestone “S” series, but due to laziness or “loyalty” and the good results of the ones I was using, I never made the jump to the competition. But the test of the S22 arrived…

Both for safety and enjoyment, I always go at 75% of my possibilities, and even following this maxim, with the S22 my cornering speed has improved, I think due to better grip and the fact that you lean faster when entering and you also lift better when exiting the curve. Confidence is total, even first thing in the morning, when the asphalt is cold.

I find them a little hard at first, but they heat up quickly and immediately give you that extra grip to which you are accustomed. The pressure difference from being cold to hot, in my case, does not exceed 0.3 bar at an ambient temperature below 25 °C, so once I control the pressure when leaving home, I forget about it.

In short, I can only speak positively about the S22, and the fact that I have put the ones I had on sale until now with barely 200 km traveled already indicates that I will always mount these tires from now on. I thank SoyMotero.net and Bridgestone again for this opportunity to test the S22 for free, who have gained a new client… Gas and curves.

Juan Martínez (Suzuki GSXR-1000)

Bridgestone-SoyMotero.net Battlax S22 Challenge

Despite the inclement winter, we have not wasted the few opportunities to go out riding and enjoy the countless curves that populate our terrain.

After more than 4,000 km traveled, the sensations could not have been better. Despite the cold, it doesn't take much for the tires to reach the right temperature, and after just a few kilometers, the grip is perfect. Even in shady areas with permanent humidity during the winter, they maintain their style, exuding great confidence by simply slowing down the pace slightly. Only on the paint road markings will we have a small warning or movement when they are wet. Nothing out of the ordinary, and they quickly regain their composure as they step back onto the asphalt.

Even after the kilometers traveled, the behavior is still very good and there is hardly any perceived loss of faculties, beyond a slight tendency to close the direction that is beginning to be noticed now, which forces us to correct it subtly with a little pressure on the the handlebar. Trend, in any case, much less than in other models that I have used so far.

As for the accumulated wear, now it is beginning to be clearly seen that we are approaching the end of its life, and in the rear we are almost at the witnesses, while the front still has a few more kilometers of life left. I think that in about three or four more outings, about 600 or 700 km, it will be time to replace the rear, which is close to the 5000 km initially estimated, a correct duration for a tire of this type in sports driving.

And now, without anything else to add, I take this opportunity to thank Bridgestone and SoyMotero again for this promotion, and I say goodbye with a cordial greeting.

José Alberto García (Yamaha FZ1 SA)

First of all, I want to thank SoyMotero.net once again for allowing me to enjoy this great gift. On this occasion, the kilometers I traveled were to go to the Cheste MotoGP Grand Prix and participate in a ride, although it was wet, at the Cartagena Circuit.

On the way to Cheste on national roads, I simply confirmed the excellent impressions I already had of this tire. The feeling that it heats up very quickly, is quiet, stable, predictable and conveys a lot of confidence. A beastly grip that makes you look forward to the next corner.

I have traveled approximately 2000 kilometers with them, with very uniform wear. The front tire is practically new, while the rear, for the short distance I have driven on the highway, gives me the feeling that it will end up more square than the previous model, the S21. Even so, I have not noticed that it is a clumsy or slow tire when changing direction, quite the opposite.

Regarding these Bridgestone S22, I continue to highlight the most important thing for me: confidence and a feeling of security. Without being a professional or carrying a stopwatch in hand, for me, this is its main virtue compared to other tires from other brands. What good is an exceptional grip if the moment I make a small slip, it will result in a scare?

My Yamaha Fz1, now an adult, does not have traction control, brake distribution or any of these technological aids. The only help I have are these S22s. Knowing that if I enter a corner too lightly, its behavior will be noble and predictable, that its sliding will be controllable, that I won't get one of those scares that make my pulse quicken… And what better place to corroborate all this than on the circuit?

The day of filming in Cartagena did not start very well, it was raining all night. At mid-morning, as the track dried out, some brave people began to ride. I was more prudent than brave. At noon, already on the track, I was able to enjoy myself quite a bit. Despite going with some fear and not being able to stop my eyes from going to the darkest parts, doubting if they were potholes or humidity. At the end of the day, I rode a little slower than I had done before there with the S21. But with excellent sensations despite the fact that the weather did not help at all.

The tire performed exceptionally well, adapting very well to low temperatures and the humidity present. Without scares or anything negative to highlight. Absolute confidence in braking, without any movement or vibration, and incredible cornering grip. It left a very good taste in my mouth, proving to be a very versatile tire that you can use for trips, Sunday routes or circuit runs, and that will not disappoint you on any occasion. Without a doubt, I will repeat.

Jesus Flores (Honda CBR1000RR)

Bridgestone-SoyMotero.net Battlax S22 Challenge

Hello, first of all thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to test these fantastic tires. I rode them in the summer and the sensations were very good, but as time has passed and having been able to test them in cold, gloomy and humid corners, the sensation they have given me has been one of complete safety.

I am happy with them and I hope that Bridgestone continues to transmit these great feelings to me, because I will continue using them always.

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