SHAD's SH38X Expandable side suitcase wins a Red Dot Award 2024

Recently, the side suitcase SH38X Expandable has been awarded the prestigious award Red Dot Design Award 2024. The German label Red Dot has established itself as one of the most coveted quality seals for design internationally.

The jury of the contest has recognized, within the category of Product Designboth excellence in design and technology applied in the SH38X Expandable: the most compact side case for a helmet on the aftermarket.

This is the fourth time that SHAD designs have been awarded at the Red Dot Design Awards. Previously, they were the SH36 side case in 2015, the SH58X expandable top case in 2017, and the TERRA aluminum cases in 2021.

SHAD SH38X Expandable: Engineering and design at the service of utility

Just a few weeks ago, SHAD launched its new SH38X Expandable, becoming de facto the only expandable side cases on the market adaptable to the latest generation of high-end motorcycles.

What stands out in them is their expandable mechanism, based on a concept from architecture: tensegrity. It is an innovative mechanical system with compensated tension, which allows the suitcase to be expanded and contracted telescopically, in a matter of seconds and uniformly.

SHAD's SH38X Expandable side suitcase awarded with a Red Dot Award 2024

Through this system, the SH38X Expandable expands by 70 mm, which increases its volume by 40%, allowing an XL ECE 22.06 modular helmet to be stored inside. This makes them the most compact cases for a modular helmet on the market.

The suitcase is compatible with the 3P and 4P System side fixing systems. At its launch it is compatible with more than 200 motorcycle models on the market. Likewise, its “Double Locking System” closure system serves to lock it on the fixation and prevent, at the same time, access to its interior.

SHAD's SH38X Expandable side suitcase awarded with a Red Dot Award 2024

The SH38X Expandable are presented in an aluminum finish or in a carbon version in conjunction with the SH59X and SH58X Expandable top cases. At the accessory level, two interior networks with a double function are included. They also have an extra cylinder, to be able to unify the closure if you have a trunk and thus be able to do it with a single key.

As options, an expandable inner bag, adapters for 4P fixings, and colored covers are offered to personalize the cases depending on the color of the motorcycle. More information and details on the official SHAD website.

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