Shelby Super Snake 2024: the most radical Mustang is back

The Ford Mustang is one of the best-selling sports cars of all time and no wonder. He muscle car It has been on the market for 60 years and has always been faithful to its principles with large displacement engines and very present propulsion. Also from almost the beginning, the driver and trainer Carroll Shelby He had a certain fixation with this model. Now his company continues making preparations as interesting and radical as the 2024 Shelby Super Snakewhich wants to take the latest generation of Mustang to a new level.

This example would be the pinnacle of performance within the range thanks to a revision of its 5.0 liter V8 mechanical. As on other occasions, it uses supercharging to gain power and also changes the entire cooling system and replaces the exhaust with one from the Borla brand; all this based on the Ford Mustang S650. In the access version it reaches 480 HP, but with complete preparation and supercharging 830 HP is exceeded to establish a new power level.

To cope with the increase in power suspension has been adjusted, while the brakes are also reinforced. Not many details are given with the increase in performance, but we can be sure that they will be much faster than the standard one. Because weight has also been reduced thanks to the intensive use of light materials. The hood is made of aluminum, while the fenders and spoiler are made of carbon fiber. The 20-inch forged magnesium wheels They also contribute to reducing unsprung masses.

The Shelby Super Snake also has a specific decoration for its exterior, as well as for the interior. The same goes for the options to choose from, as it can be mounted on the Mustang coupe and also with the Convertible, just as the manual transmission or the ten-speed automatic transmission is maintained. The price has not yet been announced, but it will be a model limited to only 250 cars in United States. Production will begin in mid-summer and can only come to Europe through import.

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