Small, urban and stylish. Zongshen prepares the official launch of the new ZS150

Zongshen is in the midst of expansion with a new and wide range of models, among which are the new ZS150. Furthermore, it does so by adapting to market trends and “borrowing” some design features from the competition, in this case from the CFMoto Papio CL and SS that are currently sold in the US.

This work system is nothing new in the Chinese motor industry, taking advantage of ideas already implemented within the sector and which have also been proven to work. The minibikes in the style of the aforementioned CFMoto variants or others such as the successful Monkey and Grom from Honda, are good proof of this.

Zongshen ZS150: Some important details

As we have learned from our colleagues at Cycle World, the Asian brand has filed several registration applications in China for the trade name. ZS150specifying that they are models powered by a 149 cc single-cylinder air-cooled mechanics.

In the two images we have we can see how we are looking at retro-style frames, but equipped with all the current technical features to make them sufficiently effective and efficient in their task.

Zongshen prepares the official launch of the new ZS150

This translates into equipping brake discs on both wheels, an ABS system or a suspension featuring the inverted front fork. Behind us we find a centrally positioned monoshock.

The brand approves in these documents a maximum power of the order of 10.4 HP, something more than the Papio thanks to that extra displacement of 13 cc compared to these. The engine of the ZS150 It uses the same diameter as that of the CFMoto frames, 57 mm, although its stroke is increased to 58.4 mm from the original 49.4 mm of the former.

Other interesting data that is certified in these records are, for example, the use of 12” wheels in both versions, shod with tires measuring 120/70 at the front and 130/70 at the rear. The maximum declared weight would be 120kg for the trail variant and little more than 121kg for the road version.

Zongshen prepares the official launch of the new ZS150

As the most notable differences between the two options of ZS150 that Zongshen proposes to us we can see how, while the trail version is equipped with fenders and high handlebars, as well as a wide seat with a rear handlebar, the retro-sport variant has a full fairing, sports handlebars and a single-seater seat.

We do not know if these would be the standard configurations or, on the contrary, they show us the options that can be mounted on both models. It is likely that the lenticular wheels in the sports version are not standard and that the trail variant is equipped with spoked wheels as standard, although all of this would still be unconfirmed by the brand itself.

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