The “anti Bullet” that QJMotor sells in Asia but that we also want here

Motorcycles like this QJMotor SRC 500 They are the ones that are currently successful like Coca-Cola in most European markets, thanks to their perfect combination of simplicity and style. With efficient and economical mechanics that adapt perfectly to the daily needs of users.

At this point we wonder why it is not marketed on our continent, taking into account that its propellant is adapted to the Euro5 regulations and that, currently, establishes the limitations in anti-pollution matters in this area of ​​the planet.

It is evident that the retro aesthetic that this SRC 500 It immediately brings to mind the image of some Royal Enfield models, especially the current ones. Bullet and Hunter 350. Perhaps the Chinese mount is halfway between both, with the extra displacement that its mechanics have. But also to the Benelli Imperiale 400, or the Kawasaki W800.

QJMotor SRC 500 in detail

We had to go directly to the official QJMotor website in India to discover this interesting model in more detail. There they describe it as a motorcycle that “combines nostalgia and practicality, ideal for both road trips and city trips.”

Mechanically, it uses a motor single cylinder air cooled, 2 valves, SOHC 480cc. This transmits power and torque to the rear wheel through a 5-speed gearbox. The figures that QJMotor declares for its SRC 500 are 25.5 HP at 5,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 36 Nm at 4,250 revolutions.

In the chassis part we find a simple tubular steel chassis, supported by a conventional telescopic fork and a pair of rear lateral shock absorbers. Braking is provided by a double 300 mm and 240 mm disc, front and rear respectively.

SRC 500: The "anti bullet" that QJMotor markets in Asia and complies with the current Euro5

They are supported by a dual-channel ABS system, with the entire assembly anchored on 19 and 18-inch alloy wheels, shod with tires in sizes 100/90-19 and 130/80-18, in the front and rear axles.

To highlight its weight of 205 kilos in running order, including the 15.5 liters of gasoline that we can refuel in its tank. Although it is not a low figure, it does not differ too much from those declared by some of its rivals with lower power and displacement.

SRC 500: The "anti bullet" that QJMotor markets in Asia and complies with the current Euro5

With an official price of 239,000 rupees, about 2,680 euros at the exchange rate, we wonder if QJMotor will have the intention, at some point, to offer it in our market. Currently, the Asian firm does not have a frame of this type in its catalog, something that could change soon if it continues to maintain its level of commercial expansion in our country.

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