The electric Royal Enfield will not arrive this year… Nor next year

Royal Enfield has a plan and a detailed roadmap for the development and subsequent commercialization of its long-awaited electric vehicles. Now, and thanks to our colleagues at Autocaindia, we have learned that the future line of electric vehicles will not be implemented in 2024. We will have to wait a little longer. Two years, possibly.

Royal Enfield is forming a dedicated commercial team to drive its electric vehicle business as a separate division. «We are in the process of developing a very strong commercial team dedicated to electric vehicles, in a separate vertical“he commented Siddhartha Lalgeneral director of Eicher Motors (owners of Royal Enfield).

This is Royal Enfield's electrical division

The company has an electric vehicle development team made up of several hundred engineers, led by Umesh Krishnappaformer CTO of Wave Electric. In addition, they have hired Mario Alvisipreviously in Ducatias director of growth for the electric vehicle division.

«Last year we made significant progress on our electric vehicle journey, with a complete product plan and future roadmap“he declared Lal. “The company believes that electric motorcycles will take longer to become popular compared to electric scooters. Currently, there is not a huge demand for electric motorcycles, and this could remain the case until batteries become lighter, cheaper and more compact.”.

Royal Enfield electric

«I think we have something interesting ahead that should address some of these issues.“he added Lal. As we already told you at the time, at the last EICMA fair in Italy last year, Royal Enfield presented an electric prototype of the Himalayanwhich was used as a test bed for the new electric propulsion systems and other components.

According to Indian media reports, Royal Enfield has made significant progress on two products: L1A and L1K. The L1A could be one of the lightest architectures developed and would be based on the Flying Flea concept, a gasoline motorcycle used by the British Army during World War II.

Royal Enfield electric

Eicher Motors has also acquired around 10% stake in Stark Futurea Spanish manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles, with plans to harmoniously develop electric motorcycles.

It is expected that Royal Enfield initially manufacture its electric vehicles at its current facilities before expanding to a new factory in Cheyyar.

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