The event dedicated to enjoying the motorcycle

Under the motto “You’ve seen a lot of things, now is the time to try them” event launch announced EICMA Riding Festthe new format organized and promoted by the Milanese fair event, which will be held this weekend on April 27 and 28 at the Misano Marco Simoncelli World Circuit. .

On the occasion of its 110th anniversary, EICMA once again puts fans and the motorcycling industry at the center, leaving the exhibition halls to visit the paddock of the Santa Monica circuit with an event entirely dedicated to the demonstration races of the motorcycles on display during the November event.

EICMA Riding Fest: The right place to test the motorcycle that we are passionate about

EICMA announces that it will have a wide range of experiences for all tastes and ages: traveling tests on asphalt, which will take place in the surrounding area, track rounds on the international circuit and Offroad tests of single-cylinder and twin-cylinder motorcycles on a specific route.

There will also be a space reserved for the youngest, with two specific proposals dedicated to them, in this EICMA Riding Fest. one reserved for the 125 test and another for boys and girls from five to twelve years old.

EICMA Riding Fest: The event dedicated to enjoying the motorcycle

He EICMA Riding FestThe two-day event will also offer audiences exciting entertainment programming built on the winning MotoLive model, shows, stage moments with talent and riders, freestyle motocross races, stunt races, rehearsals and much more.

Paolo Magri CEO of EICMA, comments: “It is a tribute that we want to pay to our public and the reference industry on the occasion of a unique milestone in the world, such as the 110 years of history of EICMA, but at the same time.”

EICMA Riding Fest: The event dedicated to enjoying the motorcycle

Concludes: “This event brings to the most important motorcycle market in Europe, and in a particularly strong territory. A new format capable of creating a potentially very virtuous circularity, which complements and strengthens. The November exhibition in Milan closes a kind of exclusive circle for motorcycles: I see them in the fall, I test them in the spring.”

The visual of the campaign is also of great impact. EICMA Riding Festsigned again by Lorenzo Mariniartist, publicist, co-founder and creative director of the Yes Marini agency in Milan: the design of the Misano track becomes the silhouette of a tire that occupies the center of the poster and announces the spirit of this new EICMA event.

EICMA Riding Fest: The event dedicated to enjoying the motorcycle

It is Marini himself who explains his creative imprint and his message, highlighting how “Contemporary language is increasingly visual and how speed forces us all to synthesis: nothing better than a dynamic symbol that expresses the power of speed made with the chromaticism of the EICMA brand.”

He concludes: “Now that all the posters seem to resemble each other, basically using a single medium, which is photography, ours is intended to be a return to illustration, the stylistic signature of the external medium since its birth.”

The entrance to EICMA Riding Fest It will be completely free, as will participation in the motorcycle tests that the manufacturers will make available to the public, with the exception of the experience on the international circuit, which will be paid and the proceeds from which will be used to support charitable projects. More information on the official website of the event.

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