ANESDOR’s free Training 3.0 driving courses start. So you can participate

Last weekend the 10th edition of the Training 3.0 program was launched. A free training action organized by the Catalan Traffic Service (SCT) and ANESDOR (National Association of Companies in the Two Wheel Sector).

It has the collaboration of the Departments of the Interior and Business and Labor, which is aimed at motorcycle drivers who want to improve driving technique and at the same time increase safety on the motorcycle.

In this year’s edition, the 40 sessions, from March to Decemberwhich were already carried out last 2023. The aim is to reinforce workplace road safety with specific training for companies, after the two pilot tests that were carried out last year.

In addition, this year the Urban program is consolidated, with a dozen sessions on urban roads, aimed at scooter users. The Training 3.0which has the support and collaboration of the Mossos d’Esquadra both for the development of the training session and for the location of the appropriate space, has already had the participation of more than 5,000 motorcycle users.

In last year’s edition, the record of participants was broken, 863 motorcyclists, with an average age of 47 years and 21 years of experience. In 2023, the program was attended by almost a hundred female motorcyclists. One of the objectives of the program is to encourage the participation of men and women in a more proportional and equitable way, an initiative that began to be promoted in 2022.

Training 3.0 2024 in detail

The 2024 calendar began last Friday, March 15. The 40 planned sessions will be deployed on open roads and urban spaces in the four Catalan districts. The roads chosen to do this training are frequented by motorcyclists during the weekend and register a certain risk of accidents.

Motorcyclists who want to carry out this training activity, which is free, will take a tour on their motorcycle for about twenty minutes, accompanied and recorded by the training instructors.

The ANESDOR 3.0 Training Program starts its 10th edition

Once the routes are finished, the images will be viewed and the details that can improve the motorcyclist’s driving will be discussed to ensure maximum safety. When the activity is over, the interested party will receive the recording and a sheet with ten points on the technical condition of the motorcycle. Motorcycle drivers interested in participating can register online at this link.

The most frequent errors

Throughout all sessions, from the beginning of the program Training 3.0the monitors have detected the following errors, common in motorcyclists:

  • Incorrect curve layout
  • Inappropriate speed for the road or driving level
  • Invasion of the opposite lane or shoulder
  • Failure to use a preventive driving technique
  • Incorrect gear reduction and poor braking efficiency
  • Violation of regulations
  • Motorcycles that do not fit the driver’s skills and inadequate equipment
  • Inappropriate attitude when riding in a group
  • Lack of confidence when driving
  • Poor placement of mirrors
  • Not taking into account possible dangers during the journey
  • Improper posture on the motorcycle

On the other hand, the main problems detected regarding motorcycle maintenance have been:

  • Poorly lubricated transmission chain
  • Tires in poor condition
  • Transmission in poor condition
  • Incorrect chain tension
  • Worn brake pad

The ANESDOR 3.0 Training Program starts its 10th edition

Motorist accidents

This year they died 7 motorists and 51 others have been seriously injured. In 2023, 52 motorists lost their lives on Catalan roads, 6 less than in 2022. In this sense, road training is essential to reduce accidents.

The SCT considers the prevention of deaths and serious injuries among motorcyclists a priority, and it is within this framework that this continuous, practical and free training program is offered.

The Training 3.0 It is part of the triple action that the SCT will carry out in 2024 to reduce the accident rate of this vulnerable group, together with communication campaigns and more dynamic controls with the use of sightseeing motorcycles at the foot of the road.

Furthermore, with the arrival of spring and good weather, a time when mobility and accident rates for this group increase, the SCT insists on appealing to shared responsibility and the need for respectful coexistence on the road network to reduce accident rates. of this vulnerable mobility group.

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