It seems that the ban on smoking in the car is almost here

Although we have been saying it for a long time, now it seems that there is less time left until the prohibition of smoking inside the car. It is something that doctors have requested, that we have recommended for safety and that in Catalonia was already prohibited; but now it may become a national issue. This is due to the arrival of Comprehensive Smoking Prevention and Control Plan (PIT) 2024-2027. Still in the draft phase, some points would have to be specified and then established and approved as law; but it looks like it will last.

That this measure was heard a long time ago is because there is a draft of the previous plan that was never approved and now has been rescued by the Ministry of Health. The proposal was to increase smoke-free public spaces and now they want to focus a little on which ones. Just as it is proposed to prohibit smoking on terraces or in public transport shelters, would also be done inside the cars. Previous plans talked about it being in the presence of minors or pregnant women, but now it could go further.

In fact, it could be in any circumstance and not only with traditional tobacco. The PIT 2024-2027 also refers to all types of ways of smoking or consuming nicotine, which would include the popular vapes or electronic cigarettes. The plan talks about regulations for these products and hookahs, which are considered a “gateway to more regular consumption.” Also an increase in the price of tobacco, generic packaging that does not attract as much attention or a specific tax on electronic products that contain nicotine.

In any case, the fight against tobacco is underway and smoking in the car I could have my days numbered. Currently it is not specifically prohibited in the General Traffic Regulations (RGC), but it could lead to a fine in a couple of situations. There is talk of a serious infringement, with fine of 200 euros, in the event that it represents a distraction from driving. It is interpretable if it alters the driver’s field of vision and attention or also if it endangers the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle.

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