You can now buy the mythical helmet from the Bari Bari Densetsu manga

The current Osaka Motor Show has been the place chosen by Shoei to present a special edition developed on its current X-Fifteen and Z-8 models. Under the commercial name “Speed ​​​​​​X Shoei”the Japanese brand offers us sleeve-type versions of its fireproof sports helmets.

Recently Shoei officially presented the special “X-Fifteen Marquez Thai” version, which will be available exclusively in the Japanese market from April to June 2024. Likewise, this “Speed Japanese

“Speed ​​​​​​X Shoei” Edition in detail

As we all know, manga culture is a hallmark of Japan and this is transferred to the world of comics in the form of comics of all kinds. This is the case of Bari Bari Densetsu and its protagonist Gun Komaserialized in the weekly magazine Weekly Shonen between 1983 and 1991.

As we have learned from the colleagues of Supermoto8, the author of this action comic, Shuichi Shigeno, “tells the story of a talented high school student who travels from the road to the race track and challenges the world’s largest two-wheeled racing event.”

"Speed ​​​​​​X Shoei": The well-known full-face sports helmets Z-8 and X-Fifteen now in manga version

Now, with this exclusive edition “Speed ​​X Shoei” Some of the mythical scenes from the famous comic are represented, through special liveries. In addition, the colors that the protagonist wears in the Shoei that he uses in each race are used, within the plot created by Shigeno.

The special edition “Speed ​​​​​​X Shoei” will be available exclusively for the Japanese market starting next July, with a starting price of 103,400 yen (636 euros) and 82,500 yen (507 euros) for the X-Fifteen and Z8 models respectively. More detailed information on the official Japanese Shoei website.

"Speed ​​​​​​X Shoei": The well-known full-face sports helmets Z-8 and X-Fifteen now in manga version

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