The Isle of Man TT now has its 2 pound commemorative coin

The mythical TT Isle of Man now has a commemorative coin thanks to the initiative carried out by The Westminster Collection, which will include it in its Best of British Collection. A two pound coin for which we will have to pay 12.50 pounds, plus shipping costs, if we want to get it.

That or wait for the 7,500 units This limited edition is scheduled to be released and we are lucky enough to be able to get one through a common transaction, something that seems difficult considering the symbolism that this commemorative coin represents.

We can also subscribe to the entire collection and purchase it for its real value, that is, the nominal two pounds it is worth, plus shipping costs. The theory says that we can cancel this subscription whenever we want, although this system seems strange, since everyone would almost certainly choose to use this method for the acquisition.

According to Visor Down colleagues, the Isle of Man TT commemorative coin will become part of the Best of British Collection created by The Westminster Collection, and which includes some historical events in the country. Among them “HG Wells, Walter Scott, the RAF anniversary and the 75th anniversary of D-Day.”

The Isle of Man TT now has its 2 pound commemorative coin

Aesthetically, on one of its faces we can see how a participant passes in front of the famous Creg Ny Baa pub-restaurant. After this stage he faces the famous corners of Brandish, Hillberry and Nook, before taking the checkered flag a few miles later. On the back we find the profile of the current king, Charles III.

Specifications TT Isle of Man commemorative coin

  • Country of issue: Isle of Man
  • Year of issue: 2024
  • Coin diameter: 28.40 mm
  • Coin weight: 12g
  • Obverse: Glyn Davies
  • Reverse: Glyn Davies
  • Finish: Glossy Uncirculated

The Isle of Man TT now has its 2 pound commemorative coin

For more information and details about the Isle of Man TT commemorative coin we can visit the official website of The Westminster Collection, “leading distributor of collectible stamps and coins, acting on behalf of postal administrations, mints and finance ministries around the world.”

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