The new Airscud Flex from Tucano is a vest with an airbag so intelligent that it notifies 112 if you have an accident

Tucano Urbano, the equipment brand integrated into the Italian business group Mandelli, presents its latest airbag vest Airscud Flex. Florian Martinmarketing director of the brand, explains: “We want to continue the airbag revolution that we started in 2021. Our cities are still too full, especially in summer, of motorists who move without any protection, totally unaware of the dangers they face between trams, cobblestones, curbs and potholes.”

The new Airscud Flex airbag vestwith technology In&motion integrated, is essentially the result of the research and development work of the Mandelli LAB, which has focused mainly on maximizing comfort and studying the fit in both the men's and women's versions.

Tucano Urbano Airscud Flex airbag vest in detail

Completely lined in mesh, the Airscud Flex It is made of two high tenacity fabrics: polyester mesh on the chest and back to ensure ventilation and lightness; mechanical stretch polyester on the sides and shoulders to ensure lightness, comfort and a perfect fit in any configuration.

Thanks to the CE certification in class C (oversuit), it can be used over your own motorcycle jacket or outfit, with the additional advantage of having both maximum safety thanks to the anti-abrasion construction, as well as the water resistant construction to protect the In&box area. and maximum ventilation provided by the mesh.

The design also makes a difference. The clean lines, the choice of materials and the care of every detail make the Airscud Flex a sober, elegant and comfortable garment for daily use in any context.

Airscud Flex: High technology applied to safety

The new Tucano Urbano vest takes advantage of all the power of artificial intelligence developed by In&motion, market leader in the development of autonomous airbags. The French company's engineers constantly collect and analyze data from thousands of motorists on the roads around the world, with a total of 200 million kilometers and more than 10,000 falls, detected and studied in detail.

New Airscud Flex from Tucano Urbano: The airbag revolution continues

In this way, the Airscud Flex makes constantly improved versions of the airbag detection and activation algorithm available to all users. Thanks to 7 sensors – 3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes and 1 GPS – the detection algorithm measures the parameters of use a thousand times per second and, if necessary, allows the fastest activation in the world.

In less than 60 milliseconds – not even the time of a blink – the system detects the risk and completes the inflation of the airbag, with full coverage of the vital areas: chest, abdomen, neck and spine.

New Airscud Flex from Tucano Urbano: The airbag revolution continues

In addition, different algorithms are available to optimize the operation of the Airscud Flex according to the conditions of use:

  • Street: For those who use two wheels every day
  • Adventure: For off-road adventure
  • Track: To have fun on the track

Through the App My In&boxwe can choose the subscription plan most appropriate to our needs, from 10 euros per month. Otherwise, you can buy the In&box directly for 400 euros.

New Airscud Flex from Tucano Urbano: The airbag revolution continues

Included in the subscription is the integrated Liberty Rider service that, in the event of an accident, geolocates the user and automatically calls emergency services directly from the My In&box App.

The Italian brand also has the support of Marco Melandriworld champion in 2002 in the 250 cc category, as ambassador of the new video campaign dedicated to Airscud Flexwhich we can acquire for a final price of 299.99 euros.

More information on the brand's official website.

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