The new KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro testing in Indian traffic

The new KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro They are closer than ever to their final phase of development, as shown in the images published by Rush Lane's colleagues. In them we can see two test mules among Indian traffic, and in both cases new advances are revealed that could be part of the final design of both models.

In any case, and doing a brief review of the evolution of the future KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro, we can see how it is the first time that the supposed 390 Enduro (this name has not yet been confirmed) is tested on the roads of the Asian country .

This gives us an idea of ​​what the brand's future plans may be within the Indian market. As we all know, the Austrian firm currently markets the 390 Adventure there, but the reality is that it does not have a model with well-defined Offroad specifications within the category.

On the contrary, Royal Enfield does have its new 2024 Himalayan or brands like Hero MotoCorp do the same, at another level, with the Xpulse 200 Pro. That is why we can assume that the future KTM 390 Enduro will be focused, mainly, on competing with frames of the type we are discussing.

What can we expect from the new KTM 390?

Focusing on the purpose of both models, and based on the images we have, it is clear that KTM has seen a good vein in the Offroad segment where the brand's future 390s are included.

Although the 390 Adventure will continue to be shown as a versatile ADV that can be used on or off the road, the KTM 390 Enduro seeks to reach new horizons in Offroad driving.

The new KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro testing in Indian traffic

To do this, it uses specific wheels and tires, lower weight and greater suspension travel, giving it greater ground clearance. In addition, it has a minimalist design, where the superfluous is left out of the equation used in its design.

This does not mean that it will not have all those elements of equipment and technology necessary for efficient use on a daily basis. However, it is clear that KTM wants to get on the bandwagon of frames with a marked Offroad spirit that fans like so much these days.

The new KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro testing in Indian traffic

In any case, among the most notable differences that the new KTM 390 of the new generation, in addition to those already mentioned, we can see, for example, how the 390 Enduro does not have a windshield. It also has a different lighting system as well as wider handlebars, radial type tires or a slightly different rear.

For its part, the 390 Adventure It is equipped with a large front windshield, a TFT screen in a more vertical position and a larger, softer seat. We also find alloy wheels, grab handles for the passenger or a front headlight made up of two superimposed optics, similar in style to that of the new generation KTM.

The new KTM 390 Adventure and 390 Enduro testing in Indian traffic

In both cases it seems that they share, at least at first glance, both the chassis part (chassis, swingarm, suspensions and braking), as well as the shapes of essential elements such as the fuel tank, front fender or instrument panel, although the latter in different position.

Mechanically, it is expected that they will be equipped with the latest evolution of the well-known single-cylinder 399cc LC4, with 4 valves in the cylinder head, liquid cooling and associated with a six-speed gearbox equipped with PASC slipper clutch. In performance terms they would have a final power around the 44 HP and a maximum torque of 39Nmsimilar to those offered by its range sisters.

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