The oldest surviving Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide can be yours next October

A Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide could become the star of the upcoming Bonhams event, during the Stafford Autumn Sale. We are talking about the oldest example still in existence, of the 78 that the brand assembled between 1936 and 1939.

About four years ago we told you about another 1938 example of Serie A Rapide, which was also handled by the famous auction house. On that occasion we were looking at a unit that needed extensive restoration work, although it was expected that already at that time a figure of more than 200,000 euros would be paid for it.

Vincent HRD Series A Rapide from 1936 in detail

Nothing to do with the specimen that will be auctioned next October 13, 2024, associated with the chassis number RP383TM and engine reference V1001As detailed in the description of the advertisement itself, we are looking at a fully restored motorcycle and in correlation with the records to which it is linked, probably the oldest complete Rapide preserved and the second unit manufactured.

Regarding the model itself, as detailed by Bonhams for its sale: “By means of the relatively simple expedient of mounting two upper ends on a common crankcase, the 998cc twin cylinder of the A series in 1936, with the apocryphal story that the design was conceived as a result of superimposing two drawings of a single cylinder.”

The oldest surviving Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide can be yours next October

The Serie A Rapid It was only marketed until 1939, when World War II broke out. In any case, it marked a radical change in terms of performance, since it used practically the same cycle parts as the single-cylinder model, but with a much greater power output. The manufacturer’s sales brochure for 1938 describes the Rapide as follows:

“Its performance is electric. The power seems almost unlimited, but it is so smooth and controllable that it is a pleasure to ride, even in heavy traffic. We have only discovered one drawback to owning a Rapide. You never get into a fight with another machine, because no normal motorcycle can live with a Rapide. Here we finally have performance equal to that of the fastest TT models, together with silence, comfort and handling. A real Jekyll and Hyde.”

The oldest surviving Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide can be yours next October

This particular specimen of Serie A Rapid It was displayed at the world premiere of the model in the 1936 Olympia Motor Showfrom 2 to 7 November 1936. Bonhams explains that: “Such was the rush to have the bike ready in time for the show that Vincent was forced to show this machine without the internal engine components.”

It was delivered to its first owner, Pat Goffey, on 10 December 1936, but was later loaned to the marque for a few weeks to be exhibited at the Kings of Oxford event. The bike appeared in several publicity photos during the pre-World War II period. It subsequently passed through various hands until 1999, when it was acquired by its current owner, who carried out an extensive restoration over 18 years.

The oldest surviving Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide can be yours next October

After this arduous process, this Serie A Rapid It has been shown at various international events, where it has managed to win public recognition and various awards. Among them, it was named “Best Machine of Technical Interest” at the International Classic Motorcycle Show in April 2017. After its restoration it has never been put into operation, as it has always been on display in the living room of its current owner.

Perhaps we are facing the Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide that has aroused the most excitement ever. The result of this is Bonhams’ estimate of the final price that could end up being paid, around 300,000 euros.

So now you know, if you have fallen in love with this iconic frame and you have a comfortable bank account, you can try to get your hands on it by clicking on this link.

The oldest surviving Vincent HRD Serie A Rapide can be yours next October

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