This is LAMP, an app against motorcycle theft that also pays you if you help find them

LAMP is an application created to combat motorcycle theft by promptly communicating, through mass dissemination, the stolen vehicle to the user community. This system stands out for being efficient and very logical. The idea behind LAMP It’s super simple, the more people know about it, the easier it will be to find it.

This app turns all its users into potential community trackers. The goal is to identify and recover as many motorcycles as possible. Of course, this app is completely free and is available for Android and iOS.

Despite technological advances, the risk of motorcycle theft cannot yet be completely eliminated, that is clear. But to try to combat this problem, it is essential to physically secure the motorcycle to deter thieves by using an approved mechanical anti-theft device anchored to a fixed point. Of course, there are also efficient tracking beacons on the market to facilitate alerts and the location of stolen vehicles.

However, and much to our regret, motorcycles continue to disappear. To combat this reality, and as we are telling you, two friends linked to law enforcement decided to create a community application to combat this infamous act.

This is how it was born LAMPwhose principle is simple: quickly spread the description of a stolen vehicle to as many people as possible so that a member of the community can detect it, report it and everything ends in the best possible way for the affected person.

Cyril Marguerayco-founder of LAMPcommented: «LAMP was born from the combination of passion and determination to promote justice. Through professional experiences and stories shared with victims, LAMP has proven to be very effective in accelerating the recovery of stolen vehicles.«.

LAMP app

This is how the LAMP app works against motorcycle theft

The app can be used in two ways. If you are a victim of theft or if you want to help find a stolen vehicle. In both cases, downloading the app is completely free. In the event of theft, the vehicle’s license plate can be securely recorded, proving your identity. Photos can also be added to make the search easier.

Now comes the fun part. A financial guarantee is deposited, which is only charged if the vehicle is recovered within a month. Part of the money goes to the platform and another part goes to the user who found it. Note that to further incentivize the community, an additional reward can be added.

Of course, to use the platform, you must also verify your identity, although this information is kept confidential. You can set up alerts in your geographic area to stay informed and monitor the situation. If the stolen vehicle is found, the police are automatically notified through the App so that they can intervene. The «vigilant» The person who gave the alert receives points that will allow him to level up and also a financial reward.

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