The Suzuki GSX-8R Cup with many goodies for the circuit is a reality, and you can buy it

At the beginning of the season we told you what the racing version of the Suzuki GSX-8R was like. A motorcycle that they were working on in the United States to compete in the MotoAmerica races in the Twin categories. But that was it, a team preparation and what we bring you now is the Suzuki GSX-8R Cup.

It is a track version of the street GSX-8R, with some interesting changes that come through a kit. In the absence of all confirmations on marketing and price, it may even be similar to the kits that Yamaha offers through the GYTR, where on the one hand you buy the motorcycle and, later, you can buy the kit, or directly buy the version of “races” that arrive assembled with everything.

But those are, for now, assumptions because the way in which it will be marketed has not yet been revealed. What we do know are the interesting changes that this kit includes, and that will make the Suzuki GSX-8R Cup a motorcycle ready to enjoy on the track.

The Suzuki GSX-8R Cup is a motorcycle ready to compete

It must be said that at the engine level it will maintain the same performance that the 776 cc twin-cylinder engine that it provides to the standard motorcycle, that is, 83 HP and 78 Nm. There is also no evidence of any modification to the electronic management, beyond changing the button panel to make it more comfortable on the circuit, and removing elements that are not necessary.

And it is by removing elements not necessary for the track that the changes will come. The fairing becomes completely fiberglass, the headlights disappear although rain light is included under the tail, the footpegs are modified, the hoses become metal, there is no kickstand, the exhaust becomes an Akrapovic and therefore , the weight is greatly improved to make the bike more competitive.

As for the engine, there are no changes, but there are major modifications

Speaking of competitiveness, the suspensions also receive modifications. In front it will mount Öhlins and in the rear a shock absorber prepared to continue functioning on the track at all times. In addition to this, we find mandatory details for competition such as crankcase protectors, lever protectors or the tank cover.

These details, which would only be necessary in competition, make us think of a future promotional cup with the Suzuki GSX-8R Cup as the protagonist. Plus, the name leaves no room for doubt, so it's great news to see that Suzuki is back in racing.

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